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Charles Cox

Medium • Spiritualist Minister • Teacher

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What People Are Saying About My Readings

Your reading was very loving and insightful. I left feeling happy, hopeful, driven, and excited for the present and things to come. Your sense of humor and loving way is amazing. There are things that came to light that, literally, changed my life. Thank God for you and your lovely gifts.
Cindy M.
Charles is truly amazing! During my reading with him he told me things about myself he never could have known. A couple of months after the reading, I listened to the recording he gave me and I was truly in awe of his psychic ability. So many things became even more clear to me and everything he said was right on. I’ve also been to a number of his groups and not only have they all been great, but his sense of humor is absolutely priceless!
Mary S.
Charles is a very open person, he picked up on my studying the various aspects of spiritual practices from all over the world even before beginning the reading. Charles is lucky to have this gift and he uses it the right way. He eased my heart. I hope to be able to talk with him again. He is special.
Lynn K.
Charles has this ability to connect with the other side in a compassionate, and loving way. All of this is done with humor, compassion and clarity, The experience was extremely helpful and gave me closure and new understanding. I would recommend Charles highly seeking a psychic reading.
Kendara L.
I have had several readings from Charles and found them all to be insightful, accurate, understandable and helpful. I would highly recommend Charles to anyone wanting an in-depth, extremely perceptive and invaluable reading.
Patsy L.

How Clients Feel About My Classes

The people I met all enjoyed an easy interaction. I was pleasantly surprised to feel this comfortable interaction from everyone to everyone. And Charles leads with a delightful mix of knowledge and humor. Much humor. This is not a person who takes himself too seriously while still being very credible.
Paula B.
Charles is a gift. Thank you for your guidance!
Lisa A.
I had a really amazing time with a great group of people. Very healing, nurturing and safe energy. Will definitely attend again. Feels like lots of old friends getting together (and this is my first time meeting this group)! Plenty of space for everyone to participate. Great Meetup!!! Thanks Charles for facilitating!
Amy A.
Thanks for what you do–and your humor. You’re a kick, while being the real deal at the same time.
Debra W.
This is a great place to meet fun people and not feel weird or judged. Lots of open mindedness and Charles makes learning fun. He pushes us to try harder and I like the friendliness of the people who attend.
Sandra M.
Excellent balance of a gifted organizer and super support from others. Whether new or wishing to elevate your abilities, it’s powerful, fun and non judgemental.
Carol S.
Thank you Charles for being one of my teachers and for offering this much needed class. Perfect timing to assist me with moving forward.
The group was well organized, safe, thoughtful and helpful. I would highly recommend this group!
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