Psychic Group Training vs Studying Alone

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The question is a valid one “Why can’t I pursue my psychic studies alone, on my own?” The short answer is “Of course you can do whatever [...]

Free Audio- I See Dead People Everywhere!

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In August of 2012 I was asked to speak at an event for Spirituali-TEA at St. Philip Lutheran Church in Littleton Colorado. Spirituali-TEA is a discussion group that meets [...]

4 Steps to More Happiness, More Love, More Money, More Peace in 2017!

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The new year brings about hope for change to better ourselves, our circumstances. But does more happiness, more love, more money and more peace await you in [...]

The Metaphysics of Christmas- FREE Audio Class

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This holiday season consider the origins of the myths that comprise our holiday traditions. Myths are not 'untruths', they are archetypal stories (metaphors) that occur throughout cultures [...]

The (Real) Law of Attraction

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This step is so obvious as to be missed by many people. The clearer the vision you have of where you are headed, the more powerfully The Law of Attraction can assist you. What do you want to create in your life? If you’ve never considered this as a serious question, take time to discover what you really want to create in your life. Don’t skip this step and don’t settle for what is easy, what makes your parents happy or what society expects of you. Again, what do YOU want to create?

Get Your Professional Hypnotist Training In 6 Days with Bestselling Author Dick Sutphen This October

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  Summary: Author of the million copy bestselling book ‘You were born to be together’, Dick Sutphen wants to pass on his knowledge and experience at the [...]