Where Reality Meets Spirituality

So, where does reality meet spirituality? The idea of a Jeannie emerging from a lamp and granting three wishes sounds fantastic but is not the case.  Metaphorically, the real 'Jeannie' is the soul and the 'lamp' is the body. Translate this into the soul being the inner compass and the body the vehicle to move from point a-to-z. 

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4 Tips For Handling Anxiety Like A Pro

Going through anxiety means having to put up with a tremendous amount of stress, often on a regular basis. People with anxiety are not weak. If anything, they're incredibly strong for being able to make it through constant worry. However, intervention is definitely necessary for making it more manageable. Here are four tips for handling anxiety like a pro.

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How Strange and Vivid Dreams Offer The Opportunity to Heal

Dreams allow you to experience emotions, both pleasurable and painful, in a safe manner. You can process information that is confusing or hurtful, but this data cannot physically harm you. Your deepest desires and most painful wounds will come out in this realm. How do you find out if your dreams are trying to tell you something or are just random thoughts that come during rest?

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Hacking the Law of Attraction- Create The Life You Want

These three steps are deceptively simple, so much so that you may be tempted to skip them in search of a more complicated path. You owe it to yourself to explore how the universe works, to discover your place in it and to create the life, up until now, you have only dreamed of.

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