Psychic Group Training vs Studying Alone

Psychic Group Training vs Studying Alone

The question is a valid one “Why can’t I pursue my psychic studies alone, on my own?” The short answer is “Of course you can do whatever feels best to you.” But I would suggest another piece of the puzzle is results. A better question may be “Will I get better ‘results’ studying with a group?” To that I would give resounding “YES!” And here’s why….

Study & Practice

We live in an age of abundance of teachings; books, websites, YouTube to mention just a few. Don’t know where to start? Start with what interests you. Studying one aspect of the psychic world will open to new expanding interests. Remember, it called a Spiritual “Journey”.

But ‘study’ is a completely a left-brain affair. To really master the subject, the only path is to work with someone or a group like the Denver Psychic Development Group. Practicing in a supportive environment is singly the best way to understand and use the material you have studied. Studies have shown that adult learners do best when they actually practice their learned skills.

Peer Support

The Spiritual “Journey” for many can be a lonely path, causing us to be unsure about who we can trust with our psychic experiences. Meeting a group of like-minded individuals can have a life changing effect in your own life. “Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus”1, and yes Virginia there are people just like you, having psychic experiences like you, and they want to meet YOU.

Experience Learned from Others

Wherever you are on this psychic journey, studying with a group led by an experienced practitioner is a must. Why? Because they will have experiences you don’t. They can walk you through the landscape of the psychic world based on their experience. What better of a guide for you and your blossoming Spiritual “Journey”?



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Jump Start Your Psychic Abilities

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  1. Heather August 15, 2018 at 11:17 am - Reply

    I have done both, studied in a group with Charles and studied on my own. By far I made more progress working in a group listening to the ideas of others and practicing. I meditate better alone but learn better in a group.

  2. Kathryn Gray September 5, 2018 at 9:27 pm - Reply

    There are many groups available to help with our spiritual journey. I personally found 3 groups to provide me with the opportunity to practice and they all helped me find a piece of the puzzle. One group was very structured which helped me with my first steps on my journey. The message circles of this group helped me develop confidence and learn how to be okay with my first disjointed attempts to read. The second group was more geared towards paired readings and gave me the opportunity to practice giving longer readings and allowed me the opportunity to watch others read and ask questions about their process. The third group helped me put it all together, trust my abilities and develop my own personal process for readings. I still attend each of these 3 groups on a regular basis because I found that practice was the key to accessing helpful readings from spirit.

  3. Juliana September 24, 2018 at 12:04 am - Reply

    By nature I tend to be an introvert and when given the decision, opt for doing things solo. When it comes to accountability I am very disciplined with the exception for some reason, meditation! I am not new spirituality however, I am a beginniner regarding intuitive development. I have started working with Charle’s one on one yet if I am to really move past fears, I know consistency with practice groups is essential (patiently reiterated by Charles several times!). For myself, I feel the one on one sessions provides me with the foundational pieces that I can then work with in group. As another individual shared, having solid teachers and varied groups will fill in the gaps as one discovers how their abilities uniquely express. Intuitive and Spiritual development is definitely a journey and once embarked upon, there really isnt any going back. Now if I can figure out my resistance to meditation….Any thoughts?

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