3 Problem-Solving Strategies to Try Next Time

3 Problem-Solving Strategies to Try Next Time

Solving your own problems, whether personal or business, is one of the toughest things to do. This is true whether the problems are based on personal issues, career, family, friends or finances. Being in your own mind and analyzing your own situation isn’t easy. If you’re feeling trapped or like there’s no solution, here are 3 Problem-solving Strategies to try next time you feel trapped.

Ignore The Problem (Temporarily)

While this may seem counterintuitive to solving a problem, the simple fact is that sometimes our brains need a break from trying to analyze and figure things out. By simply ignoring a problem for a specific amount of time you will allow yourself to have some breathing room to think of solutions at a later point. If it’s simply too much for you to ignore, then try going to sleep for a little bit of time to give yourself the ability to ignore the problem. You may even find that once you awaken, you’ll have a solution to the problem that hadn’t occurred to you because your brain was occupied being concerned about the issue at hand.

Define the Problem to Solve the Problem

Sometimes the problem is not a direct issue. The real problem is that you haven’t been able to specifically state and define what the problem is that you’re seeing or feeling at that moment. Is the problem only masking something else? It’s important to be able to define your problem so that you know how to get to the root of the situation so that you can actually put strategies in place to get to a solution. Using definition as a problem-solving strategy works wonders because of how effective it is at getting to the cause of the issue instead of just the symptoms of it. In fact, problem identification is used regularly in business problem-solving.

Do a Brain Dump

Using the process of doing a brain dump can help you problem-solve very quickly and efficiently. A brain dump is when you write down all the cluttered thoughts that are in your mind in an attempt to free your mind of it. Brain dumping is one of the methods that you can use in order to get to the cause of your issue, get everything else off your mind, and figure out how to move to the next step that you need to.

Try using these problem-solving strategies next time you feel trapped. You’ll find that you’ll be able to get to a solution much quicker than you would have otherwise. Use all three together for the best results.

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