5 Signs Your House May be Haunted

There is a difference between a normal creaky floor board and the signs your house is haunted. Getting yourself spooked in the middle of the night from reflections and sudden lights is one thing. Learning to recognize some important signs of haunting is quote another. Here are 5 clear signs your house may be haunted.

Pets Tend to be More Sensitive than Humans

This stands to reason because dogs in particular can hear things we cannot. One of the first signs of paranormal activity in your house can come from your faithful pet.

Barking for no reason or cowering as in fear are two of the most common signs a pet senses something. Strange behavior from pets, and strange noise coming from pets are all signs of potential haunting. Pay attention to the behavior of your pets if you suspect something may be active in your house.

Odd Temperature Fluctuations

Strange or unexpected changes in air temperature are classic sings of haunting activity. Usually it is cold air from no apparent source, although heat can also signal paranormal activity. If you feel noticeable temperature differences in one specific part of the house, this is important. Paranormal investigators believe that the presence of ghosts alter electromagnetic fields which will cause cold spots in the home.

Movement of Objects

The motion of hauntings and ghosts will cause doors to move; sometimes causing them to slam. In many cases, people do not actually see these movements. Rather, people report finding doors open which they are certain they closed. Finding objects in places where they should not be, and even objects gone missing are also common signs of haunting. The phenomenon in which objects move and re-appear in different places is called the Apport Theory. This involves a paranormal transference of an object from one place to another.

Flickering Lights

Another clear sign of hauntings are flickering lights. Obviously, check to make sure bulbs are not loose and for faulty electrical connections. After exhausting the mechanical explanations, flickering lights can signal that your house is haunted. Again, paranormal movements will impact electromagnetic fields, and this will cause lights to dim or brighten. If haunting activity is particularly strong, light bulbs may actually begin to burn out quickly.

Unexplained Noises and Sounds

These most often include knocking and banging. Rapping and scratching sounds are also quite common. These noises can range from being extremely subtle to quite noisy. Again, make sure there are not completely normal explanations for these sounds. Check your foundation and internal structures. Beyond the structural explanations, these sounds are often signs of haunting activity.

These are the most obvious signs hauntings. This is also not an exhaustive list. There are a host of other signs which are more difficult to detect. These will require the help of a paranormal investigator. But the above list should give you enough information to decide if you want to pursue a more thorough investigation.


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