5 Ways To Use Your Psychic Abilities Today

If you ever want to start an interesting conversation with a group of friends or relatives, just pose the question; “Has anyone here ever experienced any psychic abilities or has had psychic-related experiences?” I’m sure that you’ll find that there are a number of interesting “stories” that will surface as a result of this query.

The truth of the matter is that everyone possesses some level of psychic ability. It’s just that most people are concerned that they won’t sound plausible or perhaps those particular instances were just “brushed off” as coincidences. It may also be true that a person just didn’t notice the obvious psychic-related scenario(s) in the first place.

However, you also have those who not only understand the prevalence of psychic phenomenon among humans, but also wish to know how to develop this ability. Fortunately, there are some ways to facilitate one’s innate psychic power. Here are 5 of them.

Focus Doesn’t Mean “Straining” and “Forcing”

Unfortunately, there are some folks who think that developing their psychic ability is similar to training for the Olympics. Nothing could be further than the truth! If you want proof, then consider the times when you actually experienced psychic phenomenon. By this, I mean that you may have noticed that someone who you were just thinking about had decided to give you a phone call a minute later. And then you find that this keeps happening with that same person. Did this occur when you were straining hard to make this happen? Of course not! Experiencing psychic phenomenon occurs when we are relaxed and open to these abilities.

Learn to Meditate

I can’t stress just how important this is for all types of psychic ability enhancement! Learning how to meditate means that you are engaging in a practice which dates back to the dawn of human evolution. It teaches you how to “tune out” the sensory “static” that composes the majority of unnecessary external input coming at us from all sides. It leaves you open to access your spiritual side and develop the associated psychic abilities.

Learn How to Turn Off Your Internal Dialog

Most people go through life assessing and judging the items in their surrounds. This is only natural. It’s the way that humans have evolved for survival, in order to use their higher brain functions in lieu of fangs and claws. But this “guardian” can become a “guard” that forces us into thinking in a limiting fashion. To begin to overcome this, you can practice turning off your thoughts every day (see this related blog information – located down at the 1/9/2019 entry). This will allow you to become psychically open to your daily encounters with; people, places and things.

Refuse to Prejudge Based on Past Experiences

Don’t become a ‘slave’ to judging people and things on past experiences, since (as you already know) life is full of surprises. That doesn’t mean ignoring your accumulated wisdom. It means developing an ‘alternate’ pathway for information to be perceived by you.

Never Forget that Your Psychic Ability Is Always “There”

You should understand that your psychic ability isn’t something that you are trying to gain. It’s already there! What you are trying to do is to fine tune it and allow yourself to utilize it on a regular basis. For those who continue unceasingly, the rewards are waiting for you.


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