8 Small Things You Can Do Each Day to Enhance Your Self-Development

8 Small Things You Can Do Each Day to Enhance Your Self-Development

Some things matter more than others. Since your time is so limited, it is wise to use your time as effectively as possible. You cannot do everything, but you can do the things that matter the most.

Fortunately, many of the most important things are also easy to do. If you are serious about taking your self-development to the next level, there are things you can do that will give you the best bang for your time.

Make the most of your self-development efforts with these strategies:

Be Consistent

A moderately good plan can be incredibly powerful if followed day after day. A great plan does not accomplish much if you are inconsistent. Strive to be consistent with your efforts. It does not matter if you are following a diet, learning about physics, or learning to play the piano. Consistency matters.

Become an Expert

Expand your knowledge and become an expert on whatever it is you are trying to improve. The more you learn, the greater your potential to make progress. However, it’s important to avoid falling into the trap of learning at the expense of doing. Many procrastinators convince themselves that they need to learn more when they actually need to be doing more!

Create Routines

Routines encourage consistency and require a minimal amount of brain power. Routines eliminate decisions. At the very least, have a morning and an evening routine. Set yourself up to have a great day and end your day on a positive note. An example morning routine:

Wake up at 5:30 AM

Read something positive for 15 minutes

Exercise for 30 minutes

Play guitar for 30 mins

Review tasks for day



Leave for work by 7:30 AM

Measure Your Progress

Things that you measure get done, and they improve. Whether you are trying to lose weight, bench press more, save more money, or become a better cello player, find a way to measure your performance and progress.

Review Your Day

Reviewing your day allows you to gain the most benefit from it. Review your good decisions, mistakes, and progress. Use that information to make every day in the future even better. Try to live your life just a little bit better each day than you did the day before. The results over time will astound you.


Use affirmations when your self-talk goes south. Everyone suffers from negative self-talk to varying degrees. One way to combat it is to recite affirmations when your thoughts are negative. Have a list of affirmations you can read. YouTube also has a lot of affirmation audio recordings you can listen to. Affirmations can be a great tool to use at the beginning and end of your day.

Learn to Unplug

Unplug at least an hour before bed each night. Give your brain a break and put away all your electronic devices at least 60 minutes before you turn out the lights. No TV, cell phones, computers, video games, or tablets before bed. This is a great time to read a book and increase your knowledge.

Plan Your Day

Plan your day in advance. It is easy to waste a day by not having a plan. Avoid going to bed without having a clear plan for the next day. You will accomplish much more with this simple idea. Never again will you wake up wondering what you need to do that day.

Self-development can be hard work, so it is important to make your efforts as effective as possible. Consistency, planning, routines, and review are simple but powerful tools you can use each day. These take little time but supercharge your efforts. If you are working hard to develop yourself, use these tips to enhance your results.

The Art of Prosperous Living

Art of Prosperous Living

If prosperity were a science then the only factor to having a prosperous life would be learning a few simple rules, follow them and prosperity is right around the corner. But prosperity is much more like an art form, there are as many different paths to it as there are different people. 

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