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WA FREE Tool That Will Change Your Lifehat if the answers to our most basic questions were right in front of us, hidden in plain view as it were? We spend our lives looking for the source of all that is, looking for it in material things, in other people, in new and even more complicated belief systems… but always looking outside ourselves. We see a world out of control and are swept up in the madness of an existence that seemingly moves faster and faster. Our deepest longing for a spiritual life comes from our disconnection with the world in which we live, we feel lost… forsaken.

Before I get to the ‘tool’ that can help, we have to first address the psychology of the situation. Making the decision to live your life differently is more like turning a ship at sea and less like making a right-hand turn at the next intersection. Creating a different life experience will take some focus and some work. The work doesn’t have to be hard but it has to be consistent. Embrace this fact going forward, you will not be perfect at this… ever. In my life, I use dieting as an analogy. I would get all hyped-up, eat well and exercise for a week, then fall to the temptation of a donut. In my grief and disappointment, I would then eat another 6 donuts and never return to the gym. My psychology got the better of me. The truth is I had put on weight, and become out-of-shape over time. Having one donut was not the source of my problem. But it was my crazy notion that I could turn right at the next intersection and the physical body I wanted would be waiting for me. You have to leave your ‘crazy’ notion behind that making a few changes today will result in a more connected, love-filled life experience instantly.

Be gentle with yourself, and even more gentle when you make a slip-up… and you will. When babies fall down while learning to walk, we don’t tell them to stop trying because obviously they weren’t meant to walk. We encourage them, we hold their hand to both support and encourage them. Isn’t the life you want to create as precious as a baby’s desire to walk?

The tool that will change your life… is patience. Learn to cultivate patience. We are rarely patient with others and hardly ever patient with ourselves. However, from patience comes understanding, comes courage, and comes forgiveness. When we are not patient with ourselves, we don’t support our learning processes because we have a crazy notion of perfection, of living life right. From time to time a client will say to me they “have been off the spiritual path.” But how can this be I wonder? This life isn’t a physical existence with spiritual component. This life is a spiritual experience, a gift given each one of us to do with as we choose. You didn’t come here to do ‘something’ and certainly you were not sent here to get it right. By connecting with the living universe that surrounds us, you will never again feel separate from it, but aligned with it. Be present in the moment, be patient with yourself as you choose to create a new life, one filled with love, health and prosperity.

I recommend a book that helped me to embrace the good, bad and downright embarrassing parts of my life journey, and helped me to find patience with myself and the others on my path. It is entitled “Chop Wood, Carry Water: A Guide to Finding Spiritual Fulfillment in Everyday Life” which can be found everywhere including this link to the book at Amazon.com.

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  1. Nanette March 3, 2016 at 2:33 pm - Reply

    This is an excellent article and has come into my life exactly at the right time! Thank you!

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