Are You Ready To Heal?


Are You Ready To Heal? Whether they realize it or not, most people are in need of healing.  Many have a physical ailment while others have emotional or mental trauma.  Meanwhile, others have some type of spiritual injury.  Some people may have a need for several types of healing.

Many people state that they desire to heal from their particular situation.  However, numerous people report that it just doesn’t happen or that they can’t find the right healing tool.


It is not always easy to find the right medical or energetic method for healing.  However, finding the determination to commit to healing can be equally challenging.  There is a huge difference between wanting to heal and committing to heal.  Wanting to heal is a lot like wishing the issue would go away. 

Conversely, when a person is fully committed to healing, they are willing to do whatever it takes to heal, including making sacrifices.  They will change their diet, change their habits, try new therapies, and go the extra mile if it helps them heal.

Signs a Person Isn’t Ready To Heal

A person that isn’t ready to heal may “try” healing technique after healing technique.  For each technique they have a list of reasons why the technique did not work.  In reality, many times they did not put any effort into healing.  Instead, they often leaned on the practitioner to do all the work.  When they didn’t receive immediate healing, they quickly moved on to the next technique failing to give any technique a fair chance.

Other people that haven’t fully committed to healing may talk about the things that they are willing to do.  However, they brush aside recommendations of providers or attributes of a technique that they don’t believe in or are for other reasons unwilling to do.

Meanwhile, others don’t even want to talk about healing.  They find excuses not to partake in healing activities and may reject offers of healing.  These people may still say that they want to heal, but have not yet accepted that they have a role in their own healing.

What Is In The Way? 

For people that are resisting healing, looking inward is the first step toward moving forward.  In many cases, the person resists healing because they are benefitting in some way from not healing.  They may be getting attention, being validated, using it as a common bond with friends, or receiving various other tangible and intangible benefits.  In these cases, the person has to be willing to give up the benefit before they can heal.

The person may also find that they do not believe that they can heal.  Alternately, they may believe that they are not worthy of healing.  The challenge for these people is to look at their belief system and understand why they cannot accept healing.  Until their belief system changes, they will not be able to heal.

The Four Pillars

A person’s desire and belief that they can heal are two of the four pillars of healing as described in “Four Pillars of Successful Healing” in the November – December ”Four Pillars of Successful Healing” in the November – December 2017 issue of Energy Magazine.  When the person both strongly desires to heal and believes they can heal, they are well on their way to healing.  

Creating a good intent statement to support healing is another key to healing.  A strong intent statement is brief, but full of positive emotion.  It needs to be in the words of the person who desires to heal and should be very prominent throughout the healing process.  It is important that this statement not be limiting in any way. 

Lastly, the one pillar of healing that is outside the control of the person who needs healing is the idea of what is best for the person’s highest good.  Sometimes healing a particular issue is not what is intended for a person at this time.  In these cases, there is something greater to be gained from not healing at this time or at least from not healing in the way that is desired.

Are you ready to heal?

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