About Charles Cox

Charles Cox is a Spiritualist Minister with over 35 years of experience in Spiritualism, metaphysics and psychic development. He is founder of The Denver Psychic Development Group, and is the senior minister at Sunset Spiritualist Church in Wells, Kansas.

The Spiritual Message of Easter

We all have busy hectic schedules in a world that seems to move faster each day. An entire blog post could be devoted to addressing ways to slow down our lives and reconnect to the world around us. So, this might be just that kind of blog post. We seem to disconnect from traditions and holidays as a part of this crazy life we live. But holidays can be reminders in our busy schedule to take time to reflect. This begs the question, what is the Spiritual Message of Easter.

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Complete Metaphysics For Beginners Series

We put together a series of five articles that can help you as you begin your study of metaphysics. There are of course hundreds of books and thousands of websites that you can access. But why not curate a series of pieces that can be used as a starting point. Also, check at the bottom of this page for recommended reading and recommended websites.

Free Class- The Art of (Tarot) Card Reading

One powerful tool that has helped people speak with the divine for thousands of years is cards—tarot, oracle and angel cards all do the trick. Cards have been used in all corners of the world to seek guidance. To find answers. To navigate seemingly impossible situations.

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Psychic Articles Just For You

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FAQS- Etheric Body vs Astral Body & Spirit vs Soul

Can you give me your explanation of the difference between the etheric body and the astral body? Does the physical, etheric, and astral body correspond with the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious? Or even the body, mind, spirit? Also, is there a difference between the soul and spirit?

You Think You May Be Psychic… Now What?

First off, know you are in good company. A 2005 Gallup poll discovered that 3 in 4 Americans believe in the paranormal. In a similar poll around the same time, 25% of people said they had had a direct spiritual experience of their own. The days of hushed-voices about psychic phenomena have been replaced by an explosion of ways to experience the paranormal for yourself.

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Spiritualism and Its Beliefs

The Spiritualist Medium is trained to deliver messages from the departed to friends and family as a way of affirming the continuation of life after the physical body dies. At its height of popularity in the 1860’s most Americans knew about Spiritualism, and many of those had participated in séances.

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Free College Course- The Conscious Mind: A Philosophical Road Trip

In ordinary life we barely notice the operations of our own minds. In The Conscious Mind - A Philosophical Road Trip, we will illuminate what we take for granted in perception, action, and interaction with others.

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