About Dick Sutphen

​Internationally renowned award-winning metaphysical author and practitioner Dick Sutphen has spent more than 45 years researching human potential and psychic abilities. Dick's first best-selling book, You Were Born Again To Be Together (Simon & Schuster Pocketbooks, 1976), was the first book based on hypnosis to sell more than a million copies in the United States. While out on tour for his book, Dick was the first to hypnotize an audience member on national television on David Susskind’s Show, Tom Snyder’s Tomorrow Show, and Good Morning America. Dick launched Valley of the Sun Publishing Company in Scottsdale, Arizona in the 1960's and was founder and former director of a Hypnosis Center in Scottsdale. He has written 23 metaphysical books and has amassed a catalog of 900 mind-programming audio and video programs. Dick created and conducted Master of Life, Bushido, and other Psychic and Reincarnation Seminars worldwide and developed innovative group hypnosis exploration techniques that are now being used internationally. Over 300,000 people have attended one of Dick’s seminars. As a Professional Hypnotherapist, he is well-known for his hypnotist trainings and has received numerous awards.​​ Recognized as “America’s Leading Past-Life Therapist” by the Body Mind Spirit Festivals in England and Australia, Dick is a specialist in Past-Life Regression and Spirit-Contact Therapy®. Dick's sought-after private hypnotherapy services are often booked up in advance. Please inquire confidentially to info@dicksutphen.com.