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Can’t Find Nirvana? Maybe Drugs Can Help

Just using the word “drugs” seems to be something of a trigger these days. Drugs and spirituality become a distant possibility. But the fact is that nearly every culture in the world has some history of using drugs for spiritual purposes.

5 Signs Your House May be Haunted

There is a difference between a normal creaky floor board and the signs your house is haunted. Getting yourself spooked in the middle of the night from reflections and sudden lights is one thing. Learning to recognize some important signs of haunting is quote another. Here are 5 clear signs your house may be haunted.

Understanding the Nature of Dreams, Part 2 (Metaphysics For Beginners Series)

In part one of Understanding the Nature of Your Dreams, I outlined an exercise that can be used in order to remember your dreams more effectively. Now, in this second part, I would like to detail the way to create a lucid dream and a couple of ways to use them.

Understanding the Nature of Dreams, Part 1 (Metaphysics For Beginners Series)

What are “dreams”, exactly? There are a lot of so-called metaphysical experts who will give you all types of definitions. However, the nature of our average dreams is pretty simple. It’s how we use our dreams that take them into the realm of Metaphysics. So, let’s start with the simplistic nature of dreams. Understanding the nature of dreams.

The Metaphysical Role of Coincidences (Metaphysics For Beginners Series)

However, there’s a conundrum with this fact. The laws of Metaphysics don’t exist just for those who study them. They exist for everyone. So how can those individuals who are not ready to understand the metaphysical laws go about their daily lives in a comfortable manner?

Seeing Past The Physical (Metaphysics For Beginners Series)

The next step in honing one’s metaphysical abilities is learning how to see past the “physical”. When I say this, I’m referring to the image of the physical that is commonly shared by the general population. The reason for this is relatively clear. There is far more in our existence than what we normally focus on with our senses. Science has (correctly) told us that innumerable dimensions exist within our own space.