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The Importance of Listening to Your Body

When we're feeling unwell, it can seem to come out of the blue. But if you're paying attention, you can sometimes notice your body's signs well in advance. So many people are stubborn in their refusal to give any reasonable consideration to their bodies when they're aching or feeling under the weather Listening to your body is one of the best things you can do for yourself as it can help set you on a path of better health.

5 Ways To Use Your Psychic Abilities Today

The truth of the matter is that everyone possesses some level of psychic ability. It’s just that most people are concerned that they won’t sound plausible or perhaps those particular instances were just “brushed off” as coincidences. It may also be true that a person just didn’t notice the obvious psychic-related scenario(s) in the first place.

How Magical Thinking Is Helping (and Hurting) Your Spiritual Journey

For many people who choose to explore their spirituality, there is a major misconception regarding how things actually work. Most likely, this is due to input from literature and various aspects of the media. It’s easy to come across a depiction of metaphysical practices that looks more like a version of a television or film “witch”, rather than someone who is moving along a practical road to their spiritual development (or evolution).

Practical Mindfulness

We have little control over the types of very real problems which precipitate negative feelings. But with the proper training, in the case mindfulness training and meditation, we can learn to control the way we manage these negative experiences. In the course of mindfulness training, what one learns is the ability to become aware of and redirect the negative judgements one brings to experiences, thoughts, and emotions, and the process of understanding these judgements is the core of what makes mindfulness a useful practice.

Step 1: Be a Better Friend To Yourself

At pivotal turning points in life it is often necessary to look back and take inventory of the past in order to move forward anew. Yet at the same time, the goal is not to dwell on the ‘shoulda, coulda, woulda’s’, but rather decide to embrace the lessons learned as a way to rewrite the present

Five Ways to Connect with Your Spiritual Self to Live a Meaningful Life

Sometimes people feel purposeless in their lives. Their body feels hollow without the spiritual connection. They desire to discover something great inside them. This is the right place for them. Here are some straightforward techniques by which finding the inner self, becomes easier. Just follow these five ways and connect with the spiritual self to live a meaningful life.

Self-Care for the Spiritually Aware

This is not an uncommon circumstance for individuals on a spiritual path.  Why so?  The reason being is that as you walk a spiritual path, choose to live more from your heart center, and learn to raise your vibration, you also become more keenly in tune with the energies that surround making you an unconscious sponge. But, in opening to spiritual energies, we quickly neglect our own Self-Care for the Spiritually Aware.