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Exploring Divination Methods

I am huge fan of being a life-long learner. My studies of psychic, metaphysical, New Thought, New Age and paranormal excites me today as much as it did as a young man investigating these phenomena. Therefore I put together this series 'Exploring Divination Methods'... offering you a place to get a feel for the ways that people connect with spirit and receive communication from 'the other side', from the Universe, from Spirit or whatever label you give that energy.

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3 Steps to Improve Your Spiritual Balance

In this busy and chaotic world, spirituality can easily be lost or forgotten in all the noise. Whether it’s in society or in your personal life, there is nothing more vital to your happiness and your well-being than finding spiritual balance. This is hard for anyone to do, but with these options you’ll be able to get back to the real you, in tune with yourself and the world.

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5 Signs Your House May be Haunted

There is a difference between a normal creaky floor board and the signs your house is haunted. Getting yourself spooked in the middle of the night from reflections and sudden lights is one thing. Learning to recognize some important signs of haunting is quote another. Here are 5 clear signs your house may be haunted.

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Metaphysics For Beginners

We put together a series of articles that can help you as you begin your study of metaphysics. There are of course hundreds of books and thousands of websites that you can access. But why not curate a series of pieces that can be used as a starting point. Also, check at the bottom of this page for recommended reading and recommended websites.

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What Is New Age Belief?

The term “New Age” is an all-encompassing term that attempts to place a number of different belief groups under one roof. The term is actually designed to create a “feel good” vibe that relates to a major shift in human spirituality. This “shift” is said to allow people to be in touch with their inner spirituality and thus benefit the whole of humanity. These various teachings are, overall, said to be designed to encourage enlightenment and a harmonious existence for all people.

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