Step 1: Be a Better Friend To Yourself

At pivotal turning points in life it is often necessary to look back and take inventory of the past in order to move forward anew. Yet at the same time, the goal is not to dwell on the ‘shoulda, coulda, woulda’s’. But rather decide to embrace the lessons learned as a way to rewrite the present. It takes courage to look inward. Be a witness to the full range of emotions that reside within you. Look closely to the parts of the journey spent being less than kind to yourself. We can use the ‘busy’ness of each day or the need to care for others first as a diversion. Yet this is just an unconscious protective mechanism to avoid befriending yourself because most of us don’t know how.

Friends Brings Health & Well Being

Friendships are an essential component to health and well-being, but no one friendship will ever compare to the one you have with yourself. Vulnerability and authenticity are scary terrain, so let’s just avoid those two and keep on keeping on staying comfortably uncomfortable. Right? Then you rack your brain trying to figure out how to get unstuck. Next, you are off to buy the latest self-help/spiritual book to add to your already fully stocked bookcase, peruse the internet for any upcoming “radically change your life in two days” workshop, or pull one oracle card after the next until you land on the one with the message that helps to calm the internal chaos. There is no judgement, for we have all been there at one time or another. Yet, in the end, we are left at the beginning.

Change From The Inside Out

Search all you may in the external world to fill the void inside. After exhausting yourself mentally, may you come to the deeper knowing that ‘you must show up’ with the validation you seek to find elsewhere. So, where to begin from here? Start from exactly right where you are, imperfectly curious of the road ahead to befriending and learning to love all of you. All change comes from the inside out. You don’t need to know all the answers yet as you are now on the path of rewriting firmly rooted behaviors of what it means to walk in partnership with self.

5 Daily Questions

Here are five daily practical questions to ask to support befriending yourself and connecting to the unconditional love within:

  • How can I best nourish and care for my body today?
  • How can I follow my inner-guidance today to lead me positively forward towards the desires of my heart?
  • How can I calm inner restlessness and quiet my mind’s negative chatter today?
  • How can I let more love into my life today?
  • How can I best let go of self-limiting judgement and forgive myself today?

At the start of any new adventure, it is best to keep it simple. Allow the questions themselves to organically guide you. Then, one day you will wake up and notice things to be different because you in fact are different. There is no need to force or push your way through. But rather just show up and let the doing work out the rest.

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