These posts are psychic development and spiritual living articles that will assist you on your psychic development journey. We all live fast-paced lives, so finding time to explore the spiritual side of life can be challenging. Authored by Denver Psychic Medium Charles Cox and other contributors, these tips can assist you to living a more spiritual based lifestyle with as little effort as possible.

However this pursuit requires some effort on your part. The old adage “it’s simple but not easy” can apply to developing your spiritual awareness. Like with any life skill, the more you practice, the better you will get at the task. Join Denver Psychic Medium Charles Cox as we explore topics that can assist you on the journey.

Ultimately, reaching out to discover your place in a spiritual universe can be personally rewarding. Living from a spiritual center can bring better empathy for others, better peace of mind to you and create a happier more fulfilling life.

2020:Find More Happiness, More Love, More Money, More Peace!

The new year brings about hope for change to better ourselves, our circumstances. But does more happiness, more love, more money and more peace await you in the new year? A whopping 60% of people make New Year’s resolutions. Top resolutions are to lose weight, make more money, or get into (or out of) a relationship.

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Understanding Your Psychic Gifts

It can be exciting to learn about psychic gifts, then discover how those gifts are working within you. We put together a series of articles to help explain psychic gifts. Even though the topics are covered in a general manner, they serve as a great starting place for your psychic journey.

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Unique New Age Gifts For This 2019 Holiday Season

Sometimes we resort to giving 'gift cards' to those in our lives that have unique interests. Those friends aren't so hard to shop for when you know where to look for unique holiday gifts. So, here are a few unique gifts geared toward the unique metaphysical, new age friend in your life.

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Manifestation Through Visioning & Energetic Shifts

If you are like most people, you likely desire some type of change in your life. You may be looking for a new loving relationship or the job of your dreams. Alternately, you may have a deep desire to heal from mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual trauma. You may have hoped, prayed, and worked hard, but your efforts have gone unrewarded.

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History of Halloween

History of Halloween- Most of us view Halloween as little more than a yearly event geared primarily for children. It is a day when children dress up in costumes, go “trick-or-treating,” and carve Jack-o-lanterns. Adults take part in the fun with costume parties. While it retains some of the spooky qualities traditionally associated with the day. The real scare of Halloween fades through commercialization. And its history and origins become lost and irrelevant. Leaving Halloween cut off from any of its original meaning.

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