These posts are psychic development and spiritual living articles that will assist you on your psychic development journey. We all live fast-paced lives, so finding time to explore the spiritual side of life can be challenging. Authored by Denver Psychic Medium Charles Cox and other contributors, these tips can assist you to living a more spiritual based lifestyle with as little effort as possible.

However this pursuit requires some effort on your part. The old adage “it’s simple but not easy” can apply to developing your spiritual awareness. Like with any life skill, the more you practice, the better you will get at the task. Join Denver Psychic Medium Charles Cox as we explore topics that can assist you on the journey.

Ultimately, reaching out to discover your place in a spiritual universe can be personally rewarding. Living from a spiritual center can bring better empathy for others, better peace of mind to you and create a happier more fulfilling life.

Exploring Divination Methods- The Complete Series

I am huge fan of being a life-long learner. My studies of psychic, metaphysical, New Thought, New Age and paranormal excites me today as much as it did as a young man investigating these phenomena. Therefore I put together this series 'Exploring Divination Methods'... offering you a place to get a feel for the ways that people connect with spirit and receive communication from 'the other side', from the Universe, from Spirit or whatever label you give that energy.

Exploring Divination Methods- Develop Your Psychic Abilities

The term “psychic abilities” pertains to a wide variety of skill sets. For example, there are those who are able to contact a realm that exists beyond our normal experience. When doing so, they may also be able to communicate with the entities that reside there. Some are able to understand that the past, present and future exists simultaneously. As such, they can connect with and reveal the future. Others may be able to read the thoughts and emotions of others (humans and animals).

3 Tips for Improving Your Spiritual Balance

In this busy and chaotic world, spirituality can easily be lost or forgotten in all the noise. Whether it’s in society or in your personal life, there is nothing more vital to your happiness and your well-being than finding spiritual balance. This is hard for anyone to do, but with these options you’ll be able to get back to the real you, in tune with yourself and the world.

Can’t Find Nirvana? Maybe Drugs Can Help

Just using the word “drugs” seems to be something of a trigger these days. Drugs and spirituality become a distant possibility. But the fact is that nearly every culture in the world has some history of using drugs for spiritual purposes.