FAQ’s are ‘frequently asked questions’. Although you find them on almost any website, why aren’t there Psychic FAQS?

Well we feature a series of posts that do just that, answer your most pressing questions. If you are new to the spiritual journey or on your path and still have questions… these Psychic FAQS posts are for you.

Not only are these posts informative, you too can participate. Drop an email to us at chaz@denver-psychic.com. Send us your questions so we can help get you back on your spiritual journey with good information and tips. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel. Knowledge is power.

With over 40 years of experience in the new age, new thought and Spiritualist traditions. Denver Psychic Charles Cox can point you in the right direction spiritually speaking. Use the answers in the Psychic FAQS to light the way toward your next steps.

Understanding Your Psychic Gifts

It can be exciting to learn about psychic gifts, then discover how those gifts are working within you. We put together a series of articles to help explain psychic gifts. Even though the topics are covered in a general manner, they serve as a great starting place for your psychic journey.

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Metaphysics For Beginners

We put together a series of articles that can help you as you begin your study of metaphysics. There are of course hundreds of books and thousands of websites that you can access. But why not curate a series of pieces that can be used as a starting point. Also, check at the bottom of this page for recommended reading and recommended websites.

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FAQS- Etheric Body vs Astral Body & Spirit vs Soul

Can you give me your explanation of the difference between the etheric body and the astral body? Does the physical, etheric, and astral body correspond with the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious? Or even the body, mind, spirit? Also, is there a difference between the soul and spirit?

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