Conquer Your Psychic Fears

Conquer Psychic FearsRecently I received this note from Sarah that reads in part. “This may seem odd, but 2 days ago I was tapped on the arm…7 or 8 times in a row. I thought it was one of my children, but no one was in my room and everyone was sleeping. They were light but definitely there tap. I’ve had many different experiences. What I don’t know is how to learn to not be afraid.

As founder of the Denver Psychic Development Group, I teach many students the basics of working with spirits and energy. Anita’s question is more common than you might think and a good starting point for people just beginning on their psychic journey.

We love scary stories precisely because they take us out of the everyday. During the movie, we jump, then scream, then laugh with relief knowing that what we just saw isn’t real. We ride amusement park rides that seeming put us into physical danger where little or no such danger exists. We scream (and laugh) then jump off and get right back on the same ride or another like it. We love scary stuff when we know it’s not real. However, when you begin your journey of expanding your psychic awareness sooner or later something will pop up that will scare you…. and it is real. Conquering this fear takes a two-step process which is learned over time.

The biggest hurdle you’ll face in exploring your psychic potential will be getting past the stuff inside your own head, and one of the first hurdles is conquering your fear.

The first step is to begin to recognize the difference between being ‘startled’ and being ‘afraid’. In the 35+ years that I’ve done this work, I have never been afraid. Having this awareness, which will take time to cultivate inside you, will take you far toward overcoming fear. I said before that I have never been afraid, but let me be clear… I have been startled. I have seen objects move on their own, heard disembodied voices, felt the physical touch when no one was present. These things startle even the seasoned professional.

The next time you have something startle you, practice staying with the feelings of being startled not scared. Example. You are deep in thought and someone walks up and says something. You jump, you’re startled. Your mind was somewhere else for a moment, then suddenly it was called back into the present. That feeling is one of startle. It seems to me that people confuse the two feeling using the words interchangeably. “Oh you scared me when you walked in!” When actually the emotion is startle. “Oh you startled me when you walked in!” I’m not trying to make a point of using better grammar but of recognizing the appropriate energies, since words are energy.

Fear is a very specific state “Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or is a threat.” When fear becomes present inside our bodies, we are filled with all kinds of chemicals which assist us in fleeing to safety. Knowing the difference between these emotions is critical for being successful in exploring the psychic world. You are going to encounter unexpected events that will startle you. But if you elevate startle to fear then you will always want to run for cover feeling that a situation is dangerous. So awareness of the difference between these two emotions is the first step to conquering fear.

The real question is how to conquer your fears. My answer will be short but not easy at first. You cultivate a sense of protection. You surround yourself with white light. You say a prayer. You call in your Guardian Angels. You put your protector spirits to work. Not necessarily all of these but at least one of these things. When I first started training, I learned a prayer. The words of the prayer are unimportant since the words themselves carry no power. However when I say those words to myself, I feel protected because I am protected. There is no magic formula for protection in reaching out to the psychic world only that you find a way that makes you feel protected. Discover what evokes your sense of feeling protected. Have fun with this. Know that at first you won’t get it down, but keep trying. The next time something extraordinary happens then ‘be startled’ and laugh like you would in a scary movie, realizing that you are not in any danger. What just happened caught you off-guard, but the truth is… it’s pretty cool.

Neither the first step or gaining awareness of the difference between being startled and being afraid, or the second step of finding a method of calling in protection is an easy process. Having said that, it does not have to be a difficult process either. The biggest hurdle you’ll face in exploring your psychic potential will be getting past the stuff inside your own head, and one of the first hurdles is conquering your fear.

In the throes of the Great Depression, President Roosevelt spoke these immortal words “The only thing we have to fear is…fear itself” These are words as true today as the day they were spoken.

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