5 Easy Steps To Prepare for Your Psychic Reading

5 Easy Steps To Prepare for Your Psychic Reading

You’ve taken the plunge and finally decided to schedule yourself an intuitive reading yet are not quite sure what the next step is.  Feeling both timid and curiously excited, the mind is spinning with a myriad of questions. Before you begin to prepare for your psychic reading, let’s get some facts straight. Is he or she going to read my palm? Stare into a crystal ball? Or be wearing a turban while chanting “OM”, the air thick with the scent of burning incense?  Due to pop culture’s depiction of all things spiritual, it is not uncommon for the spiritual “newbie” to imagine these things.

First, let’s get clear on the meaning of the word intuition. The word is synonymous with “psychic” minus the Hollywood imagery.  Webster dictionary defines the word Intuition as, “the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference”.  We are all souls living through/in physical bodies therefore, we are all born intuitive. (Yes that is right, you my friend are intuitive!).  The problem is, many people have become disconnected from their inner-knowing because of the demands of everyday life experiences.

An “intuitive” is an individual who is naturally connected to his or her sixth sense or has practiced extensively to connect to this aspect of the soul.  An authentic intuitive is one who knows how to tap into higher dimensions and bring forth direct guidance to serve others along their path in truth and knowing.  And unfortunately, or fortunately, in most cases there will not be a crystal ball, turban or burning incense.

With the commons misconceptions have been cleared, it is time to address how you can prepare for a reading to get the most benefit from the experience. Here are 5 easy steps you can take to prepare yourself for a psychic reading.

Create Time for Your Reading

So many of us lead such busy lives these days. A reading can be like a spa-day for the soul. Schedule your appointment at a certain time where you will be free of distractions.  You ideally want to be in a space where you are the most open to receive and the mind is calm.  Your energy should be present, instead of elsewhere.

Ask Questions Most Important To You

Decide beforehand which area of your life or current situation is the most prominent.  Career, relationship, finances, overall direction etc. Within a reading there is only so much time that can be spent on each question. Have a clear yet doable list that can be accomplished in one sitting.

Keep An Open Mind

Be realistic and grounded in what you expect from the reading.  The focus should be about YOU the receiver and with the intention of supportive information brought forth. Set aside preconceived expectations. Be open to receive the information that is for your best and highest good.

Take Notes

Write down key points in the reading to later review.  It is good to have made note of information that does not fit at the time as you may notice days, weeks or months later it makes complete sense. Use any information that comes through as guidance, not gospel.

Be Curious & Enjoy

A reading should validate that which you already know inside, provide clarity, and leave you feeling truly seen.  Keep it light hearted, pretend you are speaking with a friend and engage in the conversation.  Laugh, expand your energy, and let spirit in!

How To Prepare for Your Psychic Reading

Now, that’s it! Taking these 5 easy steps will ensure that you are ready for your reading, and that you will be open to all the information that may come through to you. Even more curious what a reading is like? Click below to schedule and let yourself be moved by spirit along your path.


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  1. Kathryn Gray September 5, 2018 at 9:30 pm - Reply

    Having a clear idea of the purpose of a reading is helpful and it might also be possible to open up to what Spirit brings forth for us to consider. Questions seem to come up spontaneously in response to what the medium presents from Spirit. Being open to whatever develops seems to be a part of the process. It often occurs that the prepared questions one brings to a reading are answered and more questions from a deeper level are also revealed. Sometimes the reader, Spirit and the receiver all collaborate to create a helpful dialogue that morphs and grows from the collective energy. There is laughter, sometimes tears and always a feeling of awe that comes from being with Spirit. It seems to be an opportunity to feel like we are home again if just for a little while.

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