Everything Is Energy

If you are nearby when someone strikes a drum, you can feel the vibration of the sound as it moves away from the drum. If the vibration is strong enough, you may hear a window rattle or observe a pencil falling from its place on a table. You can not only hear the sound, but observe it in other ways.

When it comes to objects, however, we don’t typically have a way of observing the energy of the object. We think of objects as solid. Yet, they are made up of atoms that are constantly moving. Even your grandmother’s overstuffed chair is alive with energy.
Your Energy Field

As a human being, you are made up of constantly moving atoms just like every other object in the Universe. Thus, even your bones, which seem to be very static and unmoving, are never at rest.

Beyond the Physical

Your energy, like the energy of objects, extends beyond your physical existence creating your energy field. However, your energy field is far more complex than that of your grandma’s chair. Human beings and animals have complex energy fields with layers of energy surrounding the body and energy radiating out differently at different points on the body.
Energy Interactions

Just as the sound of the drum may interact with the window causing it to rattle, the things humans see, hear, smell, taste, or feel can cause interactions within the human body or in the broader energy field. Therefore, your energy field is constantly in flux throughout the day.

When you think of your grandmother’s overstuffed chair, you may think about how you always seem to sink into it and how it feels so comforting. This reaction is in part because it reminds you of your grandmother. However, you must also consider the energy of the chair. It has picked up the energy of your grandmother and others in your family who previously sat in it. So, of course, it feels good to you. You are sitting in your family’s energy.

Playing The Energy Field

Knowing that anything that intersects a person’s path can create a change in the person’s energy, we created a process where we allow individuals to witness this phenomenon. The results are often initially surprising, but with a bit of investigation, they become crystal clear.

One of the items that we used was a plain, ordinary spoon. Our expectation was that a person’s energy field would have little, if any change when they held a spoon. This was the result for most people; however, we had one person whose energy field shrunk significantly and another whose energy field expanded to become quite large.

The reasons we found were not the physical energy of the spoon, but mental and emotional reactions to the spoon. The person whose energy field shrunk had had dental surgery recently and eating was currently painful for her. In contrast, the person whose energy field expanded was thinking about eating ice cream.

Music and Energy

We also saw interesting results when we introduce music into people’s energy fields. Sad songs made people’s energy field shrink even if they absolutely loved the song. Therefore, implying that the intent of sadness of the song outweighed their love of the song. Likewise, a person reported disliking a specific genre of music, however, his energy field still expanded when the upbeat music played.

This is just a small sampling of the results. To learn more about the process and results read our article “Playing The Energy Field” in Energy Magazine.
Keeping Your Energy Field Healthy

Since everything that you cross paths with during your day can affect your energy, strategies for keeping your energy field healthy are necessary. Being grounded and centered is one of the best ways to keep your energy field from contracting. You may also want to add more of what makes your energy expand into your life to counteract those things that drain your energy (e.g. listen to upbeat music after driving through heavy traffic). Lastly, be aware of how you react to people, places, objects, sounds, etc. Knowing how you react is half the battle.

Meet Rod & Linda

Rod and Linda Thomson are founders of Imagine If Coaching and Consulting and the Everything is Energy Meetup.  They combine their extensive coaching, energy healing, metaphysical, and business experience to create unique offerings in self-care, personal growth, and small business development.  Their holistic, individualized approach to each client is designed to energize each person’s unique journey.

Thomson’s Upcoming Classes

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  1. Beth Schwartz August 24, 2019 at 2:02 am - Reply

    Energy can also cross time and space. Consider healing energy, universal energy and spiritual energy as an example. Some people ask for prayers or good vibes because they are not feeling well. Someone prays or sends reiki, and it is energy that is sent through time and space. We hear people feeling better, get their dream job, or get the answer they wanted to a request. Energy from the requestor, meets energy of the sender and the universal energy mixes in and it’s amazing. Energy is everywhere in everything. It’s in auras, plants, cars, animals, we all have energy. That is pretty cool because even stones and trees have energy. Someone cooking puts their energy into what they are making and it can even be tasted. If we take a moment and really experience energy, it would be an amazing experience.

    • Linda August 24, 2019 at 9:00 am - Reply

      I agree that two people or things do not need to be co-located to affect each other’s energy. It is all about intent. Intent charged with emotion is extremely powerful. Remote energy work can have just as good of results as energy work that is done in person.

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