Exploring Divination Methods- Numerology

Exploring Divination Methods- Numerology

Most people who have an interest in metaphysical concepts have, at one time or another, heard about Numerology. In many cases, it’s a topic that creates an opinion without any actual research or investigation being performed. Obviously, this is not the correct way to approach any topic – especially one that has a significant number of followers. Since this is an area that deserves more information being disseminated, I’m going to point out some basics regarding this oft times misunderstood topic.  

The Nature of Numerology

When it comes to math and numbers, in general, most people understand their importance in our lives. It can be related to a person’s job, their education or their bank account. But does its importance stop there? Have you ever suspected that there were numbers in your life that were somehow working in the background? As if to say, could they be utilized in order to determine the direction that your life is taking? Could they even be used as guideposts so that you may take a direction that benefits you immensely?

To begin with, Numerology represents a way to uncover pertinent information about one’s life. It’s basically the way that numbers can form a universal language that tells the story of your very nature. The numbers will indicate the current forces that are acting upon you. This will allow you to work with those forces so that you will have an “advantage”. That advantage will stem from the better understanding that you are given regarding yourself and the world around you.

Therefore a skilled numerologist has the ability to interpret elements of a person’s life and reduce them to their basic numbers. This is accomplished through various proven methods that have been tested over centuries for their accuracy.

The basic methods of Numerology practice

As you might suspect, Numerology is exceptionally complex. Consider how advanced levels of mathematics are difficult to fathom. For those who have studied; Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus, the complexity of numbers is common knowledge. But imagine relating numbers to the actions and variations of our very existence and the universe in general!

Numerology is Nothing New

Fortunately, we have centuries of study that have created methods that a master numerologist can use for this very purpose.

Initially, the basics of Numerology include more simplistic calculations such as the determination of a person’s basic numerical-related nature. These are numbers that are part of a person’s five “core numbers” However, the true complexity begins with determining the way that these numbers interact.

The five core numbers are; your Birth Day number, your Heart’s desire number, your Personality number, your Expression number and your Life Path number. Each one of these numbers is based on your birth date and/or your personal birth name. In practice, these numbers will impact the individual nature that you are currently manifesting.

The premise of Numerology

Numerology’s basic premise involves the way that your life and the cosmos are affected by certain personal elements. These elements consist of factors such as the date of your birth and a large number of other number-related elements. Because of this, Numerology has the ability to delve quite deeply into your life’s details and circumstances. The result is that it can produce astonishing insight into your existence and the direction of your life.

Other Numerology Concepts

Other numerology concepts involve the understanding that there is no such thing as a coincidence. Everything is connected and a greater meaning can be extracted from a numerical understanding of events. In addition, we all can be defined through a set of numbers that are directly connected with our personal details. But most importantly these are the numbers that have been put into place just as one might set up a mathematical equation. By examining these “equations” we can learn incredible items regarding ourselves and our reality.

As you can see, Numerology is based on one of the most accepted premises of our world. Although that premise has to do with the fact that our reality can be defined with numbers. Just ask any physicist. Once these numbers have been interpreted, we have the key to our existence. This will allow us to proceed in the most beneficial manner available to us. In conclusion, helping others to achieve this is the goal of a practicing numerologist.


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