Exploring Divination Methods- Pendulums

Exploring Divination Methods- Pendulums

Pendulums are devices that are commonly used for spiritual-related divination. It’s considered an art that most anyone can learn and master. As such, there are a large number of people who enjoy experimenting with these devices. Here is some information designed to clarify using a pendulum and what to expect.

Exactly What Is a “Pendulum”?

A pendulum consists of a weighted object, which is symmetrical in design and is attached to a cord or chain. The object must not be magnetic in any way. Because of this, one of the more common materials making up the object is crystal. Even so, other widely used objects consist of; metal balls or a small trinket. In most cases, the trinket has some meaning to the person using the pendulum.

The purpose of the pendulum is to act as a “transmitter” and “receiver” of information. This means that the pendulum may function as a basic tool that is “powered” by one’s intuitive abilities. The information that is provided is in the form of different ways that the pendulum moves.

The pendulum is utilized in a variety of different manners. But for most, it’s used in order to aid the person when it comes to making decisions. Other uses for a pendulum include:

  • Discovering the location of lost items
  • Identifying the truth behind certain occurrences
  • Eliminating negative forces in a particular location

They can even be used in the same manner as old-time “dowsing rods” for the purposes of locating water.

How Do Pendulums Work?

As mentioned earlier, a pendulum operates as a conduit for a person’s intuition ability. The pendulum will then function as a transmitter and receiver for the user’s “sixth sense”. But there are other explanations, as well. There is also the belief that the pendulum acts as a message conduit for; angels, spiritual guides and various higher powers. However, it is generally believed that it is best limited to “yes” or “no” questions.

There are also those who believe that pendulums act as a connection between the two halves of the brain. Those two halves consist of the “logical” (left side) and the “intuitive/emotional” half (right side). This would serve to allow you to utilize the entire resources of your brain when making a decision. Of course, these concepts are part of a very long debate. That debate involves whether the pendulum is responding to outside influences or the person’s own hand movement.

How to Get Started Using a Pendulum

First of all, since the pendulum is not the actual source of the information obtained, you can acquire an inexpensive one. Of course, you’ll find a huge number of various types for sale. Some are very basic, while others are made from high-end, expensive materials. It just boils down to what you feel fits you and your current situation/inclinations. One of the more popular choices includes a pendulum designed with a clear crystal. That’s because a clear crystal symbolizes clarity and open/transparent communication.

To start, you can also try using a pendulum with no real investment on your part. This can be accomplished by merely using a key suspended on a simple piece of cord. Later on, you can obtain a professionally made pendulum if you choose. Once you have secured your pendulum, then it’s time to begin.

Focus Your Thoughts on the Pendulum

Allow yourself to become internally quiet and begin to focus your thoughts on your pendulum. At this point, you are forming a connection with that object and it will subsequently resonate with your spirit. After you have done this, allow your mind to remain clear and hold the pendulum cord between your thumb and forefinger. Use the hand that is the most comfortable for you. Using your other hand, run the length of your fingers along the pendulum cord. Then come to a rest at the object on the bottom. This will serve to completely still the pendulum’s swing.

Then, out loud, you will declare that you wish the pendulum to move left to right for a “yes” answer. Then say that you wish the pendulum to swing forward and back for a “no” answer. Once this has been established, you can clearly ask your questions and gauge the pendulum’s movements accordingly. Remember – it may take some practice in order to connect with your pendulum and clearly read its movements. No matter what your personal belief system happens to be, a pendulum can provide either entertainment, knowledge or both. Whether or not you discover a certain useful facility with a pendulum will remain for you to eventually identify. But you won’t know until you try it out. And, fortunately, that takes very little time and expense


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