Exploring Divination Methods- Tarot Cards

Exploring Divination Methods- Tarot Cards

These days, our society is experiencing a major surge when it comes to interest in things that relate to the occult. Of course, many individuals consider this to be a good thing. The reason for this is obvious. It relates to the failure of the material world to bring satisfaction and higher knowledge to the general population. In addition, the material goods that are featured in the media are just not available to us all. Therefore, people have reasoned that there must be something else “out there”. Fortunately there is. And it comes to us in the form of occult-based knowledge.

It’s through this search for knowledge that tarot cards have recently gained a huge following. While the origin of tarot cards may relate to entertainment, an occult reference eventually became attached to them. With tarot cards, today’s practices have become a powerful form of divination. In other words, they have become associated with the “divine” (your higher self-expression).

The Origins of Tarot Cards

The history of fortune-telling devices, such as cards, is a long one and somewhat difficult to track. That’s because much of their use has occurred outside of the mainstream of historical documentation. Additionally, academically inclined historians have pretty much looked down on matters of the supernatural over the centuries. However, all the available evidence points to gaming as the original use for tarot cards. Yet, their actual design suggests an original use that went far beyond typical playing cards.  

But one thing is for sure. By the mid-1700s, the cards took on a more obvious mystical use that began in Italy. This spiritual use then quickly spread throughout the rest of Europe. Although commonly used by gypsies, the cards themselves predated the actual existence of gypsies. There are even those who claim that the cards originated in Egypt and represent images found in lost holy books.

Tarot Card Divination

Those that utilize tarot cards for divination purposes consider the cards to be a map of the soul. The 78 cards are symbolic of both warnings and encouragement when it comes to our goals in life. While tarot cards are commonly seen in cheap, overly-decorated “Fortune Teller” establishments, these should be avoided. This is because those who take tarot cards lightly, risk an unpleasant experience that tinkering with the supernatural may bring.

The validity of tarot cards, as a tool for divination, is easily seen. There are currently thousands of serious students of the Tarot that form many schools of research. In addition, there are many communities of Tarot devotees that can be accessed online. Also, worldwide conventions are also held on a continual basis.

Tarot cards work on a principle that is called “synchronicity”. The word “synchronicity” was originally created by the famous psychologist Carl Jung to describe a seeming coincidence between events. Of course, those who study the spiritual understand that there is really no such thing as a “coincidence”. Everything is connected and related at some level. Therefore, tarot cards are actually “conversations” that we establish with our higher-level spiritual selves. As such, tarot cards are not to be considered “magic”. They are an actual communication device.

Differing Tarot Card Designs

There are literally thousands of tarot card designs, from the traditional to the whimsical. The type of deck that you choose should be one that attracts your attention the most. That’s because you’re conversing with your higher self, which will direct you to the deck that is most comfortable. The decks, themselves, consist of 22 Major Arcana (trumps) which depict standard images. In addition, there are 56 Minor Arcana cards. You will have sixteen Court cards; Kings, Queens, Princes and Pages (similar to modern playing card decks). There will also be four suits (Water, Air, Fire and Earth) – 10 cards are in each suit.

Contrary to what some may believe – there are no negative cards. For example, a card that depicts “Death” is actually a card that depicts “Change”. In other words, a major part of your life is about to give way to another phase.

In conclusion, for those who are interested in learning more about this fascinating form of divination, resources abound. You can discover information online in the form of reference material or you can contact a knowledgeable individual as your personal resource.


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