Exploring Divination Methods

Exploring Divination Methods series originally appeared as four separate posts. Because of the popularity of the series, we’ve combined the posts into a single article for easier reading. Explore your pendulum, understanding tarot cards, know signs thru numbers and develop your psychic abilities with Exploring Divination Methods. Enjoy!


Exploring Divination Methods- Numerology

Most people who have an interest in metaphysical concepts have, at one time or another, heard about Numerology. In many cases, numerology is a topic that creates many opinions from the informed and uninformed. Obviously, this is not the correct way to approach any topic – especially one that has a significant number of followers. Since this is an area that deserves more information, I’m going to point out some basics regarding this oft times misunderstood topic.  

The Nature of Numerology

When it comes to math and numbers, in general, most people understand their importance in our lives. It can be related to a person’s job, their education or their bank account. But does its importance stop there? Have you ever suspected that there were numbers in your life that were somehow working in the background? As if to say, could they be utilized in order to determine the direction that your life is taking? Could they even be guideposts so that you may take a direction that benefits you immensely?

To begin with, Numerology represents a way to uncover pertinent information about one’s life. It’s basically the way that numbers can form a universal language that tells the story of your very nature. The numbers will indicate the current forces that are acting upon you. This will allow you to work with those forces so that you will have an “advantage”. That advantage stems from the better understanding regarding yourself and the world around you.

Therefore a skilled numerologist has the ability to interpret elements of a person’s life and reduce them to their basic numbers. This comes through various proven methods, over centuries for their accuracy.

The Basic Methods of Numerology practice

As you might suspect, Numerology is exceptionally complex. Consider how advanced levels of mathematics are difficult to fathom. For those who have studied; Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus, the complexity of numbers is common knowledge. But imagine relating numbers to the actions and variations of our very existence and the universe in general!

Numerology is Nothing New

Fortunately, we have centuries of study that have created methods that a master numerologist can use for this very purpose.

Initially, the basics of Numerology include more simplistic calculations such as the determination of a person’s basic numerical-related nature. These are numbers that are part of a person’s five “core numbers” However, the true complexity begins with determining the way that these numbers interact.

The five core numbers are; your Birth Day number, your Heart’s desire number, your Personality number, your Expression number and your Life Path number. Each one of these numbers is based on your birth date and/or your personal birth name. In practice, these numbers will impact the individual nature that you are currently manifesting.

The Premise of Numerology

Numerology’s basic premise involves the way that your life and the cosmos are affected by certain personal elements. These elements consist of factors such as the date of your birth and a large number of other number-related elements. Because of this, Numerology has the ability to delve quite deeply into your life’s details and circumstances. The result is that it can produce astonishing insight into your existence and the direction of your life.

Other Numerology Concepts

Other numerology concepts involve the understanding that there is no such thing as a coincidence. Everything is connected and a greater meaning can be extracted from a numerical understanding of events. In addition, we all can be defined through a set of numbers that are directly connected with our personal details. But most importantly these are the numbers that have been put into place just as one might set up a mathematical equation. By examining these “equations” we can learn incredible items regarding ourselves and our reality.

As you can see, Numerology is based on one of the most accepted premises of our world. Although that premise has to do with the fact that our reality can be defined with numbers. Just ask any physicist. Once these numbers have been interpreted, we have the key to our existence. This will allow us to proceed in the most beneficial manner available to us. In conclusion, helping others to achieve this is the goal of a practicing numerologist.


Exploring Divination Methods- Pendulums

Pendulums are devices that are commonly used for spiritual-related divination. It’s considered an art that most anyone can learn and master. As such, there are a large number of people who enjoy experimenting with these devices. Here is some information designed to clarify using a pendulum and what to expect.

Exactly What Is a “Pendulum”?

A pendulum consists of a weighted object, which is symmetrical in design and is attached to a cord or chain. The object must not be magnetic in any way. Because of this, one of the more common materials making up the object is crystal. Even so, other widely used objects consist of; metal balls or a small trinket. In most cases, the trinket has some meaning to the person using the pendulum.

The purpose of the pendulum is to act as a “transmitter” and “receiver” of information. This means that the pendulum may function as a basic tool that is “powered” by one’s intuitive abilities. The information that is provided is in the form of different ways that the pendulum moves.

The pendulum is utilized in a variety of different manners. But for most, it’s used in order to aid the person when it comes to making decisions. Other uses for a pendulum include:

  • Discovering the location of lost items
  • Identifying the truth behind certain occurrences
  • Eliminating negative forces in a particular location

They can even be used in the same manner as old-time “dowsing rods” for the purposes of locating water.

How Do Pendulums Work?

As mentioned earlier, a pendulum operates as a conduit for a person’s intuition ability. The pendulum will then function as a transmitter and receiver for the user’s “sixth sense”. But there are other explanations, as well. There is also the belief that the pendulum acts as a message conduit for; angels, spiritual guides and various higher powers. However, it is generally believed that it is best limited to “yes” or “no” questions.

There are also those who believe that pendulums act as a connection between the two halves of the brain. Those two halves consist of the “logical” (left side) and the “intuitive/emotional” half (right side). This would serve to allow you to utilize the entire resources of your brain when making a decision. Of course, these concepts are part of a very long debate. That debate involves whether the pendulum is responding to outside influences or the person’s own hand movement.

How to Get Started Using a Pendulum

First of all, since the pendulum is not the actual source of the information obtained, you can acquire an inexpensive one. Of course, you’ll find a huge number of various types for sale. Some are very basic, while others are made from high-end, expensive materials. It just boils down to what you feel fits you and your current situation/inclinations. One of the more popular choices includes a pendulum designed with a clear crystal. That’s because a clear crystal symbolizes clarity and open/transparent communication.

To start, you can also try using a pendulum with no real investment on your part. This can be accomplished by merely using a key suspended on a simple piece of cord. Later on, you can obtain a professionally made pendulum if you choose. Once you have secured your pendulum, then it’s time to begin.

Focus Your Thoughts on the Pendulum

Allow yourself to become internally quiet and begin to focus your thoughts on your pendulum. At this point, you are forming a connection with that object and it will subsequently resonate with your spirit. After you have done this, allow your mind to remain clear and hold the pendulum cord between your thumb and forefinger. Use the hand that is the most comfortable for you. Using your other hand, run the length of your fingers along the pendulum cord. Then come to a rest at the object on the bottom. This will serve to completely still the pendulum’s swing.

Then, out loud, you will declare that you wish the pendulum to move left to right for a “yes” answer. Then say that you wish the pendulum to swing forward and back for a “no” answer. Once this is clear, you can clearly ask your questions and gauge the pendulum’s movements accordingly. Remember – it may take some practice in order to connect with your pendulum and clearly read its movements. No matter what your personal belief system happens to be, a pendulum can provide either entertainment, knowledge or both. Whether or not you discover a certain useful facility with a pendulum will remain for you to eventually identify. But you won’t know until you try it out. And, fortunately, that takes very little time and expense

Tarot Cards

Exploring Divination Methods- Tarot Cards

These days, our society is experiencing a major surge when it comes to interest in things that relate to the occult. Of course, many individuals consider this to be a good thing. The reason for this is obvious. It relates to the failure of the material world to bring satisfaction and higher knowledge to the general population. Therefore, people have reasoned that there must be something else “out there”. Fortunately there is. And it comes to us in the form of occult-based knowledge.

It’s through this search for knowledge that tarot cards have recently gained a huge following. While the origin of tarot cards may relate to entertainment, an occult reference eventually became attached to them. With tarot cards, today’s practices have become a powerful form of divination. In other words, they have become associated with the “divine” (your higher self-expression).

The Origins of Tarot Cards

The history of tarot card as fortune-telling devices is a long one and somewhat difficult to track. That’s because much of their use has occurred outside of the mainstream of historical documentation. Additionally, academically inclined historians have pretty much looked down on matters of the supernatural over the centuries. However, all the available evidence points to gaming as the original use for tarot cards. Yet, their actual design suggests an original use that went far beyond typical playing cards.  

But one thing is for sure. By the mid-1700s, the cards took on a more obvious mystical use that began in Italy. This spiritual use then quickly spread throughout the rest of Europe. Although commonly used by gypsies, the cards themselves predated the actual existence of gypsies. There are even those who claim that the cards originated in Egypt and represent images found in lost holy books.

Tarot Card Divination

Those that utilize tarot cards for divination purposes consider the cards to be a map of the soul. The 78 cards are symbolic of both warnings and encouragement when it comes to our goals in life. While tarot cards are commonly seen in cheap, overly-decorated “Fortune Teller” establishments, these should be avoided. This is because those who take tarot cards lightly, risk an unpleasant experience that tinkering with the supernatural may bring.

The validity of tarot cards, as a tool for divination, is easily seen. There are currently thousands of serious students of the Tarot that form many schools of research. In addition, there are many communities of Tarot devotees that can be accessed online. Also, worldwide conventions are also held on a continual basis.

Tarot cards work on a principle that is called “synchronicity”. The word “synchronicity” was originally created by the famous psychologist Carl Jung to describe a seeming coincidence between events. Of course, those who study the spiritual understand that there is really no such thing as a “coincidence”. Everything is connected and related at some level. Therefore, tarot cards are actually “conversations” that we establish with our higher-level spiritual selves. As such, tarot cards are not to be considered “magic”. They are an actual communication device.

Differing Tarot Card Designs

There are literally thousands of tarot card designs, from the traditional to the whimsical. The type of deck that you choose should be one that attracts your attention the most. That’s because you’re conversing with your higher self, which will direct you to the deck that is most comfortable. The decks, themselves, consist of 22 Major Arcana (trumps) which depict standard images. In addition, there are 56 Minor Arcana cards. You will have sixteen Court cards; Kings, Queens, Princes and Pages (similar to modern playing card decks). There will also be four suits (Water, Air, Fire and Earth) – 10 cards are in each suit.

Contrary to what some may believe – there are no negative cards. For example, a card that depicts “Death” is actually a card that depicts “Change”. In other words, a major part of your life is about to give way to another phase.

In conclusion, for those who are interested in learning more about this fascinating form of divination, resources abound. You can discover information online in the form of reference material or you can contact a knowledgeable individual as your personal resource.

Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Exploring Divination Methods- Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Encountering people with some level of psychic ability is pretty much a common experience. Consider the times when someone has told you that they have had some sort of “supernatural” encounter. You probably have had one, yourself. That may very well be the reason why you’re reading this now! However, meeting someone with an advanced level of psychic ability is somewhat less common. But that shouldn’t be the case, since we all possess some form of this ability. It just needs to be developed and brought forward for our everyday use.  

What Do We Mean by “Psychic Abilities”?

The term “psychic abilities” pertains to a wide variety of skill sets. For example, there are those who are able to contact a realm that exists beyond our normal experience. When doing so, they may also be able to communicate with the entities that reside there. Some are able to understand that the past, present and future exists simultaneously. As such, they can connect with and reveal the future. Others may be able to read the thoughts and emotions of others (humans and animals). Some may even be able to ease (or cure) the suffering brought about by injury or disease. 

Fortunately, anyone who is interested in psychic phenomena has the option to amplify their own psychic abilities. Since everyone has some level of psychic aptitude, exercises in this article can assist in bringing out enhanced psychic talents.

Developing Your Psychic Gifts

When it comes to the origin of one’s psychic abilities, the “starting point” rests within one’s own subconscious. That’s because the subconscious is less hindered by the limitations of the “reality” that we have been taught since childhood. Consider, for example, the lack of limitations that you can encounter when you dream. And, of course, dreams originate in the realm of the subconscious. With that said, here are some ways to develop your own latent abilities:


Meditate on a daily basis – Meditation is the quieting of the conscious mind’s continuous “self-talk”. Unfortunately, this constant internal chatter acts like static which blocks subconscious messages (including psychic ones). Learning to meditate should be your first step when developing your psychic abilities.

Trust Your Instincts

Trust your instincts – Learn to heed the feelings that come from within. In addition, each time that you do and something positive occurs, say (out loud) that you are grateful for that assistance. This positive reinforcement will eventually pay off.


Focus on perfecting your awareness – Endeavor to be aware of everything that surrounds you. When things are relatively quiet, take a moment to notice each sound that you are still able to hear. Pay attention to things like the sound of a ceiling fan or a movement of a shadow. Listen and identify each sound that you hear from the outdoors. This is designed to help you to sense and identify even minor intuitive messages that will occur. 

Take note of what actually happens in regards to your intuition – If you experience an intuitive feeling, give yourself credit if it turns out to be accurate. If it doesn’t, then acknowledge that, as well. The combination of positive and negative reinforcements will guide your subconscious towards more positive experiences. Just don’t beat yourself up too badly over the negative ones.


Pay attention to your dreams – Dreams serve a number of different purposes. They arrange bits of memory into an order that is easily stored in your brain’s “memory banks”. They can attempt to resolve emotional issues and trauma. However, they can also assist you when it comes to connecting with your spiritual self. Place a pen and notepad by your bed and jot down anything that you can remember about your last dream. As you become more skilled in your dream communication, you can even move on to advanced practices. One of the more useful advanced dreaming practices is known as “lucid dreaming”. Take a moment and look up that term.

These are some of the suggestions that you will find useful when it comes to honing your psychic abilities. As your psychic abilities become more enhanced, you will begin to notice just how useful they can be.

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