Exploring the Psychic World: When to Start Classes?

Psychic World

For those who are interested in exploring the possibilities associated with the psychic world, there can be one pressing question. When Do I Know to Start Classes? Let’s, for a moment, say that you have been watching TV shows that focus on the realm of the supernatural.

Maybe a series involved with the investigation of ghost sightings. It may also be a scientific foray into the presence of ESP in some individuals. It could also be some online reading or perhaps you purchased a book on metaphysics that captured your imagination. In any case, an interest in psychic topics has come about and you want to know more.

Then something unusual occurs. You begin to reflect on various circumstances in which unusual situations have happened in your own life. These situations actually mimic some of the things that you have seen in the media regarding psychic phenomena. That’s when things begin to get really interesting. Why?

Well, because the more thought that you give it, the more numerous these instances reveal themselves. At that point, you feel an internal “tug” that suggests you may want to take things a step further. The deciding factor revolves around the fact that there are just “too many coincidences” in your life. At that point you realize that to ignore this aspect of your existence would be a supreme waste. But, first, let’s take a look at those indications that have led you to this point.

Feeling a Kinship with the Psychic World

You feel a kinship with those you have seen practicing psychic phenomena on television or online. After having watched a medium perform, something “clicks” inside you. You suddenly remember a number of times in which you, yourself, have correctly sensed things in other people. You begin to mentally tabulate the times when you could identify the exact nature of a new acquaintance. As a matter of fact, you consider the times when people had hidden agendas that you instantly recognized within a very short amount of time.

Facing Your First Psychic Attack

You find yourself faced with the “first enemy” of those who possess psychic abilities – fear. For you, it’s no longer a fanciful question as to “what if” you had psychic abilities. Deep inside, there is general concern regarding your potential dealings with that which operates outside our normal plane of “reality”. The reason for this has to do with your subconscious. Internally, you are aware of your actual psychic abilities and that fact places you in unfamiliar territory.

Being Drawn to the Psychic World

You find yourself drawn to those who are sensitive to other realms of existence. It may suddenly dawn upon you just how many spontaneous conversations about the supernatural you’ve had. When you find yourself in a group of people you either know or don’t know, metaphysical topics keep coming up. It’s as if you’re magnetically attracting those who resonate with your own internal spiritual vibrations.

Sensing Communication from the Psychic Plane

You have begun to communicate with other forms of energy that exist throughout and beyond our normally visible plane. This will generally take the form of coincidences that go beyond what you would normally expect. Suddenly, certain numbers may tend to manifest themselves in order to draw your attention to certain events or situations. This happens when that which exists in other realms wants to give you an indication/communication that you can easily follow. A “tap on the shoulder”, so to speak.  

Surrounding Yourself with Like-Minded Psychic Friends

The potential psychic abilities inside you are being sensed by those around you or who are drawn to you. Since everyone has some level of psychic world sensitivity, we seek to gravitate to that which may assist us. Here, you may begin to notice that other people seem to come to you for assistance, on a regular basis. That’s because they somehow sense that you may have access to a “wisdom” that they do not.

This phenomenon goes back to the dawn of human existence. It’s just one of the abilities that primitive human beings developed in order to survive in a hostile world. Among other things, our minds can attune to the psychic realm in lieu of having large fangs and claws. When primitive humans first formed social groups, they knew who to select as their connection to the supernatural. That ability has stayed with us through the centuries.


When you have begun to experience one or more of these scenarios, then it’s time to explore things further. The most practical thing that you can do, at this point, is to locate a knowledgeable instructor of psychic phenomena. This person will be able to guide you on your path to your next level of psychic evolution. 

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