Fight Depression by Accessing the Inner Self

Depression is a product of inner negativity and to battle it, you need first to reconnect with your inner self. When you start acknowledging your inner self, positivity starts emerging inside you. This inner light prevents negativity from taking over your life. Awakening the inner self is not an easy task, neither is fighting depression. But use these simple and effective four ways to fight depression by accessing the inner self.

(Re)Discover the Inner Self

The first thing to fight depression is to accept things the way they are. Buddha said, “It is your resistance to ‘what is’ that causes your suffering” The realization that you cannot make everyone happy will solve a lot of problems. When you stop trying to conform to the standards set by society and start working toward your own dreams, life becomes much easier. The moment you accept your inner self, your own hopes & dreams, the negative energy inside begins to fade. Once you start celebrating your uniqueness and become proud of who you are, warts and all, then the transformation begins. The pessimist inside will resist this. So, stay firm to your commitment to recognize and respect your inner self.

Cultivate a Positive Mind

Positive thoughts play a vital role in the awakening of the inner self and fighting depression. Thoughts are not magic on their own. But your experience is what you focus your mind on. Positive focus creates a positive mind, and vice versa. At first you may believe “I can’t control what I focus on!” However, with a little practice, your focus will turn naturally toward the positive in most situations. Start seeing yourself as empowered. Imagine yourself as prosperous and lucky. Feel the love that surrounds you. Start telling better stories about yourself, more positive. What if a positive mental focus is the magic you have been looking for all along?

Love Yourself

These two words sound so simple. As you know though, simple is not always easy. Most people, including you, treat themselves so harshly on the inside. So much more harshly than we treat others. Why is that? One reason is that we demand perfection in our own life, our own actions. However, the logical mind recognizes that ‘perfection’ (or anything even close to it) does not exist. The truth is, life is messy. It is filled with gray areas, unkind people and tons of stuff you don’t know or weren’t aware of. The key to unlocking self-love is to ask this question. “Did I do the best I could do with the information I had at the time?” If the answer if ‘yes’, then find a place to forgive yourself in that situation. If the answer is ‘no’ (as it sometimes is) then use the situation to learn and grow from. A loving heart is filled with forgiveness.

Moving On Though Growth

There is a meme circulating on social media showing a diaper with the words “No one likes change except a wet baby”. Change is a lifelong challenge. The ego self cannot accept change neither can it forgive. It gets stuck and is unable to move on. Whenever grief, loss, or anxiety hits, a person resists the change and can fall into depression. Your awakened inner self can accept the negative emotions. It is strong enough to let things go and knows how to forgive other (and yourself) and move on. So, try connecting with it by giving yourself some free time to ponder. In doing this, find your inner self, disconnect from the expectations about this world. See the circumstances as they really are. Free your inner self to grow and make new choices. Choices are inherently ‘freedom’. Allowing yourself to see ‘the truth’ and make new choices frees you to grow.

Making a choice today to rediscover your inner self, to work daily on having a more positive focus, to loving yourself and moving on will yield untold benefits. Not the least is better frame of mind. Although there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to depression, doing your part through taking these steps will shorten the path to a healthier happier you.



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