Five Steps on the Spiritual Path

No matter where you are on your spiritual path, it is always helpful to know what the future on this path may look like. What it holds in store for you. The ‘path’ itself will be a varied as the people who embark on it. But the 5 steps are phases that almost everyone passes through. Please enjoy ‘Five Steps on the Spiritual Path’

Speaking Your Own Truth

This may be the hardest step on any spiritual journey. It is essentially the first step. You recognize that the ‘truth’ that is being taught to you doesn’t really ring true for you. A part of the spiritual journey is identifying with the mythology, the story being taught. This step can feel terribly isolating since you may not know anyone is having a feeling like yours or being out-of-step with your community.

The first step is to speak your own truth. Which at first may be only to yourself. Recognizing in yourself that your path is different from your family, your friends, your community. In time, you will begin to have confidence to share your journey-story with close friends.

Ignoring the Naysayers

Know that inside your community will be naysayers. As soon as you, share that your path may differ from theirs, they will reveal themselves. “You’re going to hell mister!” (I grew up Baptist so I heard this quite often) Your naysayer may not be this direct, but the sting of their words will be just as harsh. The truth is you have triggered them in some way. They believed that who you are was summed up in the spiritual path ‘they’ thought you were on. So anyone who leaves this path, threatens their sense of identity, threatens the community. Stand strong in ‘speaking you own truth’. Know that they are on their own journey of growth and realization and nothing you do will diminish their path.

Acting on Your Own Truth

Once you have identified your personal truth, begin to act on it. Study relentlessly. Integrate the truth, your truth, into the core of your being. Certainly there is no better missionary for a belief system than someone who walks their own talk. Know that like any living thing, it will grow and change with you. We recognize an acorn as the genesis of a tree, a child the beginning of an adult. In both cases, it takes nurturing and care for each to mature. Acting your own truth today, as you understand it. Then grown and act on your new more mature truth.

Truth as the Doorway to Freedom

Throwing yourself into your spiritual journey, following your spiritual path can unlock an entirely new world for you. Fight the urge to quantify your beliefs, to make then static and unchanging. Looking out into the night sky we see a dynamic ever-changing universe. The universal laws are not changing but our understanding of them is always changing. In other words set yourself free from dogma (someone else’s or your own). Make this journey a true life-long adventure of learning and understanding your own truth.

Finding Yourself in the Truth

The final step is perhaps as powerful as the first step of ‘speaking your own truth’. And this step is truly transformational. So many people I meet are looking for their ‘peeps’ looking for ‘their tribe’. This is a mythical place where we feel always at home, not only with ourselves but everyone there. The actual step next step is finding yourself in the truth. Once you discover that the truth you were seeking has been there all along, inside you. It was never about taking yet another class or reading another ‘how-to’ book. All along there has been a connection between you and the truth. As you cultivated the truth inside you, grew in your understanding of the truth, walked the walk of the truth… you soon realize that YOU and the truth are one. THAT single realization will allow you to be at home anywhere you are, comfortable with whomever you are with. Your spiritual journey toward the truth will transform into a spiritual journey with the truth… inside you always, and in everyone you meet.  


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  1. Lydia August 25, 2019 at 7:16 pm - Reply

    I like the idea of simplifying my spiritual path. I think too much, too much time in my head.

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