Flaws and All: Accepting Yourself As an Addict

Drug and alcohol addiction often drives a person to hide from the reality of their situation and who they are inside. Add to this feelings of shame, failure, and a lack of self-worth, which can make addiction can be a dark place from which it seems redemption is impossible. But, it is in the depths of this darkness that so many people do eventually learn how to reach outside themselves and overcome. That person could be you — if you find a way to accept yourself flaws and all.

Forgiving Yourself

Often the barrier to recovery is your own sense of self-worth that creates a complex where you feel like you do not deserve to be forgiven. Mostly, you feel you do not deserve to be forgiven by yourself for being weak in the face of an addictive tendency. While falling prey to this mindset will only serve to entrench you further into the darkness of your addictive lifestyle, taking the opportunity to forgive yourself will help you to realize that changing your mind about how you view yourself is all you have been searching for. Begin the recovery process from the substances that hold you captive beneath the cloak of shame and guilt.

Taking Charge of the Situation

Once you have forgiven yourself in your own eyes, you can now begin to redeem yourself even further by taking responsibility for your situation. As with any matter of personal responsibility, you must own your addiction before you can defeat it. By admitting you have a problem and actively seeking to break free of this problem, you will be in a position to do something truly beneficial for your own health and well-being. This step isn’t a one day step either. According to the Recovery Resource Group, admitting a problem exists is often the hardest step in any recovery process. By embracing yourself and your individual needs, you should recognize that it is okay to ask for help and receive it. Having a support network to help you over drugs or alcohol will empower you to push these vices out of your life for good.

Despite your flaws, you must put great value on yourself in order to care enough to make a positive change in your life. Other people cannot do your caring for you. You must be willing to love and forgive yourself enough to recognize that you do matter in your own eyes. That sort of self-realization should cause you to want to strive to overcome and beat the addictive behaviors that have been holding you down for too long.

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