Why Forgiveness

All people hold on to negative emotions from time to time.  If someone holds onto emotions associated with a person or event long enough, the negative energy associated with those emotions becomes lodged in their body or the surrounding energy field.  Where this energy becomes stored is dependent on where the person holding the energy is most vulnerable.  Sometimes it is lodged in a part of the body related to the issue (e.g. energy from a broken heart may lodge in the chest) or it may simply reside in another area that was vulnerable.

When people hold onto these negative emotions, they hold themselves back from reaching their full potential.  If these emotions are strong enough, a person may not be able to have good relationships or love him or her self.  In other cases, this negative energy can lead to physical ailments and disease.

Therefore, it is important to forgive people and events of the past in order to release this negative energy.  Although it is sometimes difficult to forgive wrongs of the past, forgiveness is one of the most powerful healing tools a person can employ. 

Choosing Forgiveness

The first step in forgiving someone is making the decision to forgive.  This first step can be quite challenging as people often have intense emotion and large amounts of energy invested in the situation.  In effect, they are a prisoner to the emotion.  Yet, the person may feel the emotion somehow punishes the other person.  In reality, it only punishes the person holding onto the emotion, as the other person may not even be aware of those feelings.

Deciding to forgive is deciding to end suffering, as holding on to the old emotions just intensifies the hurt.  Holding onto anger, sadness, resentment, hatred, or other emotions related to events or people who have created physical, mental, or emotional harm in the past only serves to diminish the person’s own energy.  Yet, even when a person knows this, it is often very difficult to shake these feelings, especially when these emotions have consumed the person for years.

It is important to realize that forgiveness is not denial nor is it approval of the events of the past.  It is simply acknowledgement that the person is giving up the hold that others or past events have on them.  Until a person forgives the events and people of the past, they will never truly be able to move forward.

Forgiving Oneself

When deciding to forgive, people shouldn’t neglect to forgive themself.  People often feel bad about things that they did years ago or may simply struggle with not being perfect.  People hold onto these feelings of regret or shame even though they are often the only person on the planet that remembers the incident.

Releasing these feelings and truly forgiving oneself will transform the person and allow space for new loving energy in their life.  After accepting themselves for who they are, people will often find new energy and new opportunities that they could never have imagined before.

Methods for Forgiveness

Once a person decides to forgive someone or something, they might want to breathe energy into their desire to forgive by doing a simple exercise.  The person first closes their eyes and feels the negative emotions – anger, resentment, etc.  After feeling that negative energy for a few minutes, they imagine those emotions replaced by love and joy.  Experiencing the difference between these two feelings strengthens the conviction to forgive.

The person can then move into the forgiveness phase utilizing various methods to achieve their goal.  Some methods include writing letters of forgiveness; meditation; and expressing the emotion and the forgiveness through journaling, art, or other mediums.  

Want to learn more?  Come to our upcoming class “The Art of Forgiveness” where we will discuss forgiveness and attendees will have the opportunity to experiment with forgiveness techniques.

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