Hacking the Law of Attraction- Create The Life You Want

Law of Attraction HackYou have diligently studied the Law of Attraction. Created your vision board with excitement, and dedicated time out of your busy day to meditate. Yet your lack of results leave feeling less than inspired. You are not alone. This is a common scenario among Law of Attraction students. And as a result, they are quick to dismiss the power of the Law of Attraction without first inquiring about the deeper workings of energy, attraction, vibration and creation.  As a spiritual being, you are far and away more powerful than what meets the physical eye. You can manifest the life you were meant to live once you get clear about your heart’s desire that .

Create the life you want using these 3 steps! 


Know What You Want (Step One to Hacking Law of Attraction)

The disconnect within the Law of Attraction is this. You are conditioned to create from the intellect versus your soul. Therefore, what you “think” you desire is actually what society deems good, right, and esteemed.  The mind is a worthy tool while the soul is a noble guide. You have disregarded the latter in attempt to cling to that which is accepted by the majority.  Quieting the monkey mind is the essential first step in order to allow the whispers of the soul the spaciousness to be heard.  The more time spent in one’s own company without distraction, the stronger the intuitive muscle becomes in addition to heightened trust in your inner knowing. From this place, the art of creation also known as “Law of Attraction” begins to unfold.

Activity: Write down your soul intentions to make them concrete and repeat them silently or aloud to yourself for 21 days.  Always end with the statement, “this or something far greater”.

Focus on Your Heart’s Desires (Step Two to Hacking Law of Attraction)

Once you have established connection with your soul and discovered that which your heart desires, the next step is to meet the law of attraction with divinely guided action.  Emotion is purely energy in motion. The key to manifestation is to be able to hold the frequency of the desired emotion to that which you wish to create, step into the knowing of it, and be open to the necessary actionable steps.  The universe responds to our every intention, yet it does not always provide us with a 3D view.  Our role in creation is two-fold; to first align your heart with what you seek, and then do our part by taking action on the guidance no matter how minute it may seem to the rational mind.

Activity: Spend 5-10 minutes in meditation daily to quite the mind and focus on your desired intention. Meditation brings forth answers that the rationale mind cannot conceive of.

Act As If (Step Three to Hacking Law of Attraction)

Working with energy is expansive, light-filled and requires a childlike curiosity. This need not be another serious task for in making it so will only block the flow.  When you “act as if” this sets energy in motion as the mind cannot perceive the difference between imagination and that which is being played out within the physical reality. Mathew 21:22 “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive” For every question there is an answer, yet it may not always come in the way we expect.  Have FUN, ignite curiosity, and allow yourself to be joyously surprised.

Activity: Allow yourself to “Act As If” your intentions have already unfolded, yet do not outline the how, when and where…be open to your desire(s) or something far more wondrous.


These three steps are deceptively simple, so much so that you may be tempted to skip them in search of a more complicated path. You owe it to yourself to explore how the universe works, to discover your place in it and to create the life, up until now, you have only dreamed of. Now….. go create!


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  1. Faisal Yaqub Khan August 12, 2018 at 1:20 pm - Reply

    I think we need to build a new schooling model which shall incorporate the classes on the workings of the subconscious mind, the universal laws and its dynamics and how to incorporate the other self into every day life…
    Your article is very good. I practice it sometimes more effectively and sometimes i need to rev up the methodology.

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