History of The Denver Psychic Development Group

History of The Denver Psychic Development Group

My name is Charles Cox. I am founder of the Denver Psychic Development Group. Occasionally students express an interest in my spiritual path as well as how Denver Psychic Development Group came into being. Hope fully this short post, History of The Denver Psychic Development Group , can help answer both questions.

Who is Denver Psychic- Charles Cox?

I was born in Omaha Nebraska to Baptist parents. Normally someone’s religion is hardly worth mentioning but my parents being Baptist will help color this story. From the beginning, I loved ghosts and spirits often asking my mother about such things. There were always utterances from her about the “devil” and “going to hell” whenever I would bring up these ‘occult’ subjects. Not having a sound fear of either the devil or hell at that age, I continued to ask questions. There weren’t a lot of new age books on the shelf at my local library branch, so info was slim. The absence of reading material did not deter me.

At age 17, I met two Spiritualist ministers in Omaha. It must have been through a local advert but can’t say for certain now. The Vicklands, Ray & Pat, held weekly psychic development classes in their home. For almost 2 years, I attended their classes which focused on the basics of psychic development. These were fun times as I had wanted this kind of exposure to psychic material but hadn’t had access to it.

Denver as My New Psychic Home

In 1981, I moved to Denver. I lived on the north side of town and was drawn to a nearby psychic bookstore. I began to take classes there and somewhere around age 20 worked my first psychic fair as a ‘student’ reader. In 1988, I was introduced to Sunset Spiritualist Church & Camp in Wells, KS. I had found my spiritual home. November 3, 1991 I was ordained as a minister in this church.

Since 1991, I have taught students across many states, and read for people world-wide. The psychic life, spiritual journey and soul growth have been my passion most of my adult life.

Planting the Seeds for Denver Psychic Development Group

In early 2008, I was introduced to a woman who wanted me to teach psychic development classes. She had a group of 8 people who were also interested in taking classes. We met as a group for the first time in the Spring of 2008. Our arrangement was this, the classes were free to the group (although I did get a meal out of it once in a while). In return, I would be trying new class material on them, tweaking the class based on what had worked and what hadn’t worked.  For the next 18 months, we met twice monthly, they helped me to refine my message and classes. These developing classes would be the basis of my new group.

Denver Psychic Development Group is born

On August 20th our meetup group was born. I scheduled the initial class for Friday September 11th, 2009 at Cornerstone Books in Englewood. There were 6 in attendance. Since that evening, we have grown to 2940 members as of 8/26/19. We have had 846 events which have been attended by more that 10,000 people. See our full course catalog. The group has also expanded with classes all around the city in some of Denver’s best known psychic bookstores.

Celebrating the 1st Ten Years

This September 11th will mark the 10 year anniversary of our first meetup using the name Denver Psychic Development Group. To celebrate a decade of psychic development classes in Denver, we are having an anniversary gathering at the place it all started, Cornerstone Books. And, you are invited! Click here to see all the details.

Taking Classes with Denver Psychic Development Group

Our classes are designed to be taken in any order you wish to take them. There are no prerequisites to take a class, other than your desire to want to attend. I believe everyone is psychic. Psychic abilities can be developed and refined like any skill you want to improve. Some people have natural talents to uncover and others may have to work a little more. However, I believe everyone is psychic… yes, even you.


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