How to Control Your Negative Emotions Through Meditation

How to Control Your Negative Emotions Through Meditation

Many people use meditation to relax, but did you know you can also use this wonderful and ancient practice to control your emotions? To learn how to ease rage, sadness, and fear, through mediation, continue reading. In this article we’ll address how to control your negative emotions through meditation.


Anger is one of the most powerful negative emotions we can experience. Anger can affect your relationships, cause reckless driving behavior, and interfere with your daily life in so many ways. However, this powerful energy is not always negative—not unless you give it the power to control you. Mediation can help you channel your rage and turn it into something positive and constructive. Try a guided meditation the next time you see red, and release some of that anger. Pair it with some yoga and exercises to keep your body busy as well.


When we are sad, we lose our zest for life. Nothing feels special anymore. We struggle to do the most basic things when we feel blue. It’s another negative emotion that is neither good nor bad until we let it grab us by the reigns. When dealing with sorrow, pair your meditation practice with words of gratitude. Find something you’re grateful for—this can be your friends or family, or just the fact that you are alive today. Then, focus on your breath. Appreciate how hard your lungs work for you.


Lastly, fear is that pesky negative emotion that gets in the way of your achievements and goals. We often fear failure and inadequacy. Meditation, paired with words of affirmation, can help boost your confidence, so you can finally stop living in fear. For this exercise, find a mantra that negates your biggest insecurities. Try chanting ‘I am worthy, and I deserve love and greatness,’ when meditating. Of course, you can always design your own to make it a more personal experience.

You often hear many people talk about how important it is to exercise to keep your body fit. But what are you doing for your mind? Meditation can help clear your head of any strong emotions like sadness, anger, and fear. Learning to be more mindful will then allow you to control your emotions and not have them control you. So, the next time you feel like you could scream to the heavens in rage, sit down, play some relaxing music, and let the calming effect of meditation take you.

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