How to Protect Your Relationship Through An Addiction

For many people who journey through life, addiction is a challenge which can disrupt their entire sense of being and bring turmoil to them and those around them. From drug addiction, to alcohol addiction, to sex addiction, people often lose themselves to the urges of the flesh and disregard the relationships which matter most to them. This loss of self can cause many issues within their interpersonal relationships, and especially, with significant others. But addiction does not have to drain the love away from a relationship if the right steps are taken to protect the connection through an addiction.

Supporting the Addict

Although it may be tempting to offer ultimatums to an addict so that they are “forced” to change, these types of bargaining strategies seldom work and most often push an addict even further into the depths of addiction. Instead, offering love and support to an addict in a time when he or she may feel that they are undeserving of love is a much better alternative that will help a relationship to continue to grow even in through the thorns of addiction. Significant others should offer to attend recovery classes or couples therapy with addicts to help gain valuable insight into the internal struggle that the addict is facing. Being married to a sex addict is a struggle, but if you are aware of the challenges you will be able to support them. Turning away from a significant other during such a difficult time as addiction can leave them stranded emotionally and should only ever occur if the addict has become abusive or violent.

Caring for Yourself

Too often, those with a significant other who is battling addiction forget to engage in the self-care that is necessary to maintain their well-being. It is important not to neglect your own personal needs or else you may find yourself emotionally and spiritually drained. To help your significant other find recovery and peace, you must ensure that you can maintain your peace, and love yourself, within yourself by continuing to engage in the activities that bring you happiness and fulfillment in your life.

Finding Peace Together

Even while addiction may challenge your relationship, it is often through life’s most difficult times that we can achieve high levels of growth both personally and spiritually. To protect your relationship through an addiction, remember to show unconditional love and support for an addict, and never forget to care for yourself so that you may also achieve peace and balance in your life as well. As the former addict recovers, please look over our guide to the forgotten social aspects of coming back from addiction.

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