How to Purify Your Home and Restore Spiritual Balance

Do you suspect that you have negative energy trapped inside your home? You are most likely correct if you’re feeling that way. When we are upset or stressed out, the energy from those emotions doesn’t always dissipate from the home. The negative emotions of others can also linger in the space. Everyone should purify their home a few times a year or as needed to maintain spiritual balance. Three key ways to cleanse your home of negativity are to add live plants, declutter and use crystals.

Add Live Plants to Your Home

Live plants remove pollutants from your indoor air and help you stay in balance. They absorb the harmful airborne particles that come from household cleaners, cigarette smoke, and pesticides. Even if you don’t smoke, cigarette smoke can find its way inside your home through windows, around doors, and via the HVAC unit when another person smokes outside. Secondhand smoke is strong and can travel far. Good houseplants for purifying your home include spider plant, snake plant, English ivy, and aloe vera.

Eliminate Clutter

Clutter brings down your mood, causes or worsens stress, lowers your productivity and impairs mental clarity. Furthermore, any debris or trash lying around in your home can be very attractive for pests, which encourages the introduction of negative energy and disease into your space. When you think of how you feel after decluttering your home, you probably realize that you always feel much lighter. Old objects that you don’t want anymore can block you spiritually, emotionally and mentally because they retain energy. You may begin feeling the physical effects, such as fatigue, headaches and stomach problems that can result from negative energy in your home. Clearing out clutter makes space for new opportunities and experiences as well as improving your overall health.

Set Up Crystals to Purify & Balance

Crystals are well known for being able to absorb negative energy and heal. To help minimize the buildup of negative energy in your home, you should set up crystals throughout your home. Every once in awhile, cleanse the crystals to remove the stored negative energy. You should purify your home after a bad event or whenever you feel it’s in need of cleansing. Black tourmaline and smoky quartz are powerful crystals for dissolving negative energy. Other good purification crystals are amethyst, snowflake obsidian, and black obsidian. You can incorporate them into your home by hanging them, placing them on windowsills, or storing them in a bowl.

Purifying your home and restoring spiritual balance is easy once you get the hang of it. House plants and crystals help absorb negative energy, but they need to be maintained. If your house plant begins to die, it will need to be revitalized or replaced. Crystals must be cleansed routinely of the negative energy they’ve absorbed. You can do this process when you declutter to make it easy to remember.

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