How to Start & Grow Your Metaphysical Business

How to Start & Grow Your Metaphysical Business begins by getting your mind-set right from the start. You are thinking about turning your metaphysical talents and interests into a business. Know that the path ahead can look intimidating but doesn’t have to be with a little planning. Being self-employed can be hugely rewarding both personally and financially. But getting started can be stinker, and your metaphysical business or practice won’t be any different.

Don’t Over Think This

The old adage says ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ and this couldn’t be more true for you if you have never been in business before. But before that sends you into a panic, know that this is true for everyone all the time. The challenge is to stay focused on the task at hand, learn the current lessons and move forward toward your goal.

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Start Here!

Your first task is to take an inventory of your skills. What is it that you are looking to offer? How are your talents different from others? The second question can be tough to work through but stick with it. Imagine yourself on the first day of a new job. You want to ask all kinds of questions about your new employer, what they sell, and why the product is better than anyone else’s. Or at least why it is different. You need to be able to describe why anyone would want a session with you, and why what you offer is different. Do not skip this step. Your business plans will come together many, many times faster after having clarity on this. Here’s a hint. You will have to do this eventually so do it first and get it out of the way.

Why is this so important? Being clear about who you are and what you offer will make all of your marketing efforts so much easier. You will know what events and situations are best for your metaphysical business, and which ones to pass on for the moment.

Who Is Your Market?

Now that you are clear(er) on what you are going to offer, and why anyone would be crazy NOT to choose you, here is the next step. Who is your market? This question goes beyond just the ‘who’ piece because knowing ‘who’ will tell you where your market is as well. Why explore this? Knowing who your market is will help with marketing your services. There is cheap ad space in a local throw away rag. Looking at the newspaper more closely, the weekly is filled with ads for liquor stores and dance clubs. Although there is nothing wrong with either, are these your potential customers?  Maybe a local news magazine or website catering to the new age community would be a better choice. Seems obvious, right? But not being clear about who your audience really is can lead to terrible marketing mistakes. Well placed advertising is well worth the price, badly chosen advertising is very expensive since it rarely gets the results you want.   

Income Streams

Don’t let this term spook you. An income stream may come from doing personal sessions with clients. Ideally you will be booked from sunrise to sunset everyday with clients throwing money at you. However, in the real world this is rarely the case. Whether you are changing oil in cars or styling people’s hair business seems to have a rhythm of its own. Meaning, you may have some down time, and if all you do is personal sessions with clients then sales are down. Plan from the beginning to have multiple income streams.

Go back to what makes you-you. Teach classes, do public speaking, write a blog for someone else (or your own website), get a part time job in a local metaphysical store. Find something to do that suits you so that you are not 100% dependent on your fledgling business to make ends meet. You have bills to pay as does everyone. Creating multiple income streams will ensure your eventual financial success of your metaphysical business.

Lucille Ball said “The more things you can do, the more you can DO”

Practice- Practice- Practice

There is an old comedy routine that goes something like this. ‘A man arrives on the streets of New York. Overwhelmed by the enormity of it all, he stops a local resident and asks “Gee mister can you tell me how to get to Carnegie Hall” The New Yorker looked at the bright eyed young man and said “Practice- Practice- Practice”

As new metaphysical business owner, you are taking on double duty so to speak. You are constantly exploring and refining your own talents. But also you are learning how to market and deliver those same skills to your audience. Be curious about other business successes as well. Although there are specifics to every business, success stories seem to have common threads. Look at other successful businesses in other industries. Are there strategies they use that you can modify to work for you?

Start Your Metaphysical Business Now

This is the Achilles heel of almost all ‘potential’ business owners. Start now. There will never be the perfect time to start your metaphysical business or practice. More good plans have died at the starting line than you will ever know. This is your dream. No one will come along and grant you your wish.  A Latin Proverb says “Fortune Favors the Bold” but Fortune really favors the bold with a good plan. Start now, take a step each day toward bringing your dream to life. Seems like we all want everything right now, but anything worth having is worth working toward having.

Being self-employed may be the greatest adventure you ever embark on.

How to Start & Grow Your Metaphysical Business- 101

Saturday, Aug 24, 2019, 1:00 PM

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“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”- Goethe So… you are thinking about starting your own metaphysical practice, offering readings or doing energy work for clients. But where and how to start? This question can paralyze the most ambitious person, so much so that you never even begin to real…

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  1. Jenn C August 18, 2019 at 8:40 pm - Reply

    The meetup site shows the class is sold out already. Will you be teaching this class again anytime soon? I REALLY wanted to get this information.

  2. Charles Cox August 18, 2019 at 8:50 pm - Reply

    Jenn. I am pleased with the response I’ve gotten for this class. Please contact me using the ‘Contact Charles’ tab and I’ll get you on the list for the next time I offer How to Start & Grow Your Metaphysical Business. #DenverPsychic

  3. Rod T August 24, 2019 at 10:00 am - Reply

    I want to add that it is not only is it important to know who is your target market, but it is also important to know where they are located. Location of your business is an important consideration. If your target market is in Colorado Springs, for example, and your business is in Fort Collins, then you will likely struggle getting your potential customers in your door.

    Another location consideration, especially when starting a metaphysical business, is whether or not you want your clients coming into your home. If you are not comfortable with people coming into your living space then you will need to find office space and plan for that additional expense.

    Note: If you are doing 100% remote work you still need to consider how location affects your business, such as dealing with time zone differences. If doing video conferences, consider where you locate yourself when broadcasting. Assess what’s in the background and how that reflects on you and your business. And, make sure your camera is positioned in such a way that you are looking eye to eye with your audience.

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