It’s Not You, It’s Me: Resolving Frustration with Yourself by Improving Yourself

It's Not You, It's Me: Resolving Frustration with Your SO by Improving Yourself

Everyone becomes frustrated with a significant other from time to time. But what if you find yourself frustrated with them more often — daily, even? The problem could be them, but more likely lies in yourself. Here’s how to root out your inner demons for a better, more fulfilling relationship.

Look on the bright side

A positive person is less likely to let others make them angry. Repeat positive mantras to yourself to dispel negative thoughts. Being realistic is smart but don’t automatically expect the worst of people. That scowl on your face will likely make them feel like you have unspoken hostility towards them. Instead, be positive and smile, even if you’re not feeling in a particularly smiley mood.

Plan romance

One of the biggest obstacles that block progress is being so overwhelmed with the mundane and your own troubles that you find yourself unable to think ahead. Creating a strategy to take care of yourself is good, but it’s likely that you’re already doing that — and that might be the problem. Romance in relationships often fades without maintenance, so stop thinking about yourself and your own concerns for a few minutes and create a strategy of things you can do for your SO. As you do so, keep these tips in mind:

  • Give them time
  • Be aware of your own biases
  • Improve your listening skills
  • Ask better questions
  • Consider consequences

Be smarter with your money

Plenty of couples tend to fight a lot about money. Learn how to manage it better. Save more by only buying what you need first. This could be necessities like food, shoes or car insurance. When you feel comfortable with your savings you can purchase items you want. This may be jewelry, fashionable clothing, or a night at a fancy restaurant. If your significant other doesn’t admire you for this, they may not understand your good intentions.

Re-evaluate your health

Sometimes not taking care of the body can affect the mind. This might cause your emotions to go out of control. Or you may not feel good about your appearance. Whatever the case may be, exercising regularly makes it easier to think more clearly and have self-control. Some fun exercises are hiking, biking, and walking on a nature trail. Not a fan? No problem. Here’s 25 more ideas.

Practice Self-Love

You may not understand your own worth which could lead to hatred of others. Commit to genuinely caring about yourself. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. If you work too much consider finding a more peaceful job. Don’t be a people pleaser and focus instead on self-respect. If you believe you might have psychological issues, resolve them by seeing a capable therapist. Make yourself feel better by volunteering for a worthy cause. Do meditation, yoga, prayer, or get in touch with Charles Cox to calm your mind and get more in touch with your spirituality.

It’s wise for a person to question their own moral character before they wonder about that of others. If the problem is your own attitude, improving yourself can resolve more than just a rough patch in your relationship. If your significant other doesn’t see that you’re making a change for the better it may be time to have a talk to see if there’s something on their mind.

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