Learning to Love Yourself Again After Sexual Abuse

Every day, people are attacked sexually, and most incidents go unreported due to feelings of shame. The attack may be short in duration, but the damage can last a lifetime. Recovery is an important step that will help a person go back to living a healthy life. Here are some helpful things to consider. Learn to Love Yourself Again!

It’s Not Your Fault

Sexual assault is an act of violence and power. With the emergence of allegations of Catholic clergy abuse in the early 2000s and the more recent #MeToo movement, more light is being shed on the reality of sexual abuse and an emphasis on avoiding victim blaming or shaming. One of the first steps of recovery is to have the correct perspective that what happened is not your fault. Another sad fact is sexual predators are a part of our society, and they prey on innocent people every day.

Developing Self-Compassion

Loving yourself is crucial to getting on the path to recovery after being assaulted. Instead of blaming yourself, be kind, understanding, and patient. Allow yourself to grieve while taking steps to recover from your trauma. A part of you was taken away without permission, so you need to give yourself time to heal. Self-love is not selfish. It actually is compassion and the desire to persevere. Discover ways you can love as well as challenge yourself that will help you recover.

Dealing With Anger

During the grieving process, anger will arise. Do not allow the anger to possess you. Whether you are angry with yourself, your attacker or those around you who may not be understanding, you need to let go and move on. Realize how strong and powerful you are, so you can develop a new perspective. Don’t let the actions of another person rule your life. Realize it was an unbalanced person who attacked you, and you are the healthy one. Love yourself to protect yourself from your abuser’s dysfunction.

Recovery is a day-by-day, step-by-step process. Loving yourself makes the healing process take less time and energy than blaming or having thoughts of revenge. You cannot fix an event that was not your fault, so don’t carry it with you. Justice has a price, so love yourself enough to allow it to be carried out. Do not be ashamed that you were the victim, but be a part of a plan to see that this does not happen to someone else.


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