Life-Changing Decisions: When to Let Your Feelings Guide You

Most of us try to make logical decisions based on facts, objective assessments, and thoughtful input from family and friends. However, sometimes we make impulsive choices based on strong feelings that override our common sense. When that happens, we may be hit by fallout that awakens us to reality and the need to address the situation appropriately. Here are common scenarios where emotions often run high and impact our lives permanently.

Personal relationships

Teens are often guided by their parents into choosing a mate with specific characteristics, such as diligence, honesty, and so on. However, sometimes romantic love cannot be channeled into a mold shaped by family members. Instead, our feelings take over, and love takes on a form of its own to target a partner of our choosing that may not have the family’s recommended qualities. In such cases, it is a good idea to proceed cautiously to ensure the attractive person is deserving of a committed relationship.

Unplanned pregnancy

Whether to practice abstinence or safe sex and whether to use birth control or not should be rational decisions. However, sometimes emotions rise spontaneously and strongly to overwhelm a couple, leading to unexpected outcomes like an unplanned pregnancy. Friends and relatives frequently offer various types of advice, which can confuse and upset a mom-to-be. If she feels unready to take on a parenting role, she may decide to find a suitable adoptive family. Often, intuition can help to select the best prospective parents for a new baby. While logic might suggest college educated parents, heartfelt emotions might point to a couple of modest means but with family-centered personalities.

Career choices

Choosing a career path can be difficult, especially if parents are nudging you toward an engineering, medical, or legal career that sounds boring to you. When considering a profession where you will spend several decades, it is wise to select one that interests and challenges you. Otherwise, you could burn out or get bored and stop doing a good job.

Spiritual orientation

Some parents raise kids to embrace a certain religious faith. However, when kids come of age, they may lose interest or feel drawn toward a different belief system. Each of us has to choose the religion or spiritual beliefs that appeal to us individually; religion cannot be inherited from parents or ancestors. Making a personal spiritual commitment should come from the soul, not just the mind.

Logic is always valuable. However, it should be balanced with emotion.


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  1. Juliana September 16, 2018 at 12:28 am - Reply

    Living in a society that reinforces logic over emotion or “intuition”, it becomes more challenging as we grow older to turn down the volume on the logical brain. We rely heavily on external appearances vs our internal GPS because the external looks “good”. It takes strength and courage to stay true to oneself and honor how we feel while merging it with what appears logically sound. The ironic part is, even if we were to make the most logical decision, life may have another agenda in mind. Our emotions/internal wisdom allow us to flow with the waves of life while the logical mind is searching for the straight and narrow path. And at the same time, learning to use both with discernment is key. A daily practice I am still working on and always will as long as I am in a body. And sometimes the “I dont know” is a logical place to start….this I have come to befriend many times. Great article!

  2. Yuonne Edington November 22, 2019 at 5:06 am - Reply

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