Manifestation Through Visioning & Energetic Shifts

Manifestation Through Visioning

If you are like most people, you likely desire some type of change in your life.  You may be looking for a new loving relationship or the job of your dreams.  Alternately, you may have a deep desire to heal from mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual trauma.  You may have hoped, prayed, and worked hard, but your efforts have gone unrewarded. Here we will address manifestation through visioning & energetic shifts.

Many factors come into play when you are trying to create something in your life.  The first challenge is to determine your true desire.   Once you know what you desire in your life, you must energize that dream.  It is only with passion and action that you can manifest the life of your dreams.

Your Desired State

At times, you may be driven strongly toward a particular career or goal.  However, you may find at times that determining what you truly desire is no simple feat.  It can take considerable time, in-depth thought, and contemplation to find the next big thing.

One of the best ways to determine your true desires is to see what you are drawn to energetically.  One simple way to do this is to see how you react when you consider various options.  You may not consciously know what you want, but your body and your emotions are aware of your true desires.

Set an Intent for Manifestation

Once you determine your desired state, it is important to create an intent statement.  A good intent statement crisply captures your desired state and is also pumped full of emotion.  Without the emotion, the intent statement is empty and lackluster.

You must then make the intention part of your life.  Therefore, each day is filled with thoughts about your desired state.  You talk about your intention with passion and speak your intention out loud daily.  In addition, you take actions toward your intention. 


A powerful tool to support the manifestation of your intention is visualization.  Many world champion athletes visualize themselves running the perfect race, hitting the game winning shot, or nailing the landing on their dismount.  Your dream may not be as large in scope, but it is no less deserving.

To assist your dream in coming true, envision what your life would be like if your desires came true to their fullest potential.  Walk through the scene without fear or doubt.  Experience the emotions to the greatest extent possible.  If it is a new relationship, feel the love and companionship.  Likewise, if it is living in a new environment, feel the comfort and happiness.

Shift In Energy

As you visualize your desired state, tune into your energy.  See if it feels different than your normal everyday state.  Over time, the energy of your visualization will shift and strengthen your normal energetic state.  As it does, you will become more open to changes that can lead to your desired state.

If for some reason it doesn’t create a strong magnetic feeling, review your emotions and fears.  Determine if there is something holding you back from truly believing in your dream.  Releasing those fears and doubts will get you on track to achieve your desires.

An Open Door to Manifestation

As the energy around you changes and aligns with the energy of your desired state, you are in a position to begin to manifest that which you desire in your life.  Continue to build upon your vision of your dream life.  Being specific about key attributes will draw them into your life.  However, remember not to be so specific that the Universe cannot fulfill your request.  Allowing things to be a bit open leads to opportunities that you may not have even considered.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to take action. You can envision the most wonderful life, but if you never take action, you will not meet the person of your dreams, find your ideal job, or experience the joy you desire.

Manifestation occurs when you have an intention that is amplified by your emotions and reinforced by your actions!

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