Meaningful Messages From Spirit

Messages from SpiritA common question is how to recognize a message from Spirit. How indeed? Communication with people in our lives can be difficult and confusing, recognizing and understanding messages from an unseen world have to be challenging at best.

There is an old adage about communications, KISS- Keep it simple sweetie. This is probably good advice for many areas of our lives and especially good advice for trying to get across an idea or thought. It’s easy to ask for Spirit’s guidance then sit back and wait for a downloadable pdf file complete with charts and specific directions about the challenges at hand. Spirit rarely, if ever, works this way. My experience is Spirit’s guidance is subtle and simple.

For me this has been a challenging 2016. So far this year has seen a series of events, completely out of my control pop up around me. My preoccupation with these events make me feel like I’m off my game. Jump forward to June of 2016. There is still one nagging thing that I have not resolved in my mind concerning a business relationship.

On June the 14th, I stopped for coffee on my way to the office. While waiting to be helped, I decided that the real issue in this troubled business relationship was this; continue in this arrangement and be unhappy, or choose to end the relationship and pursue a path of greater happiness and renewed peace of mind. I chose to pursue ‘happy’, and seemed pleased that I had distilled my issues down to a simple decision.

What could this possibly have to do with receiving meaningful messages from Spirit? Well… I returned to my car, put the coffee in the cup holder and with my left hand pulled the seat belt across and in to place. As I looked down to buckle the seat belt, I could see something looking back at me. There it was, a pink sticky note with a big smiley face on it. What? I reached down between the seat and the console to retrieve this happy artifact. It turned out to be exactly what it looked like it was, a pink sticky note with a big smiley face on it.

It made me smile ear to ear. The smiley face drawn in black with what looks like a sharpie is on a pink sticky note. It is not in my handwriting, and I only use yellow sticky notes in my office. The smiley face was not on my car, or even on my seat but between my seats and situated in such a way that when I looked down it was smiling back at me.  I recalled that while in the coffee shop I decided that ‘happy’ was the direction I chose to travel instead of staying in the stagnation of unhappy. “It’s a sign” I said out loud. Spirit is supporting my decision to be happy and make the changes I need to make to ‘be’ happy in my life. I have no idea how this came to be inside my car, or placed where I could see it for what it was.

Take time each day to look around in your world to recognize Spirit’s communications with you, affirming and guiding your life… not through a complicated message but in simple easy to understand signs.


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