Meditation- The First Steps (Metaphysics For Beginners Series)

Meditation- First Steps

Metaphysics For Beginners Series

Meditation- The First Steps

The first steps along the path to evolution is learning how to ‘listen’ to spiritual ‘clues’ and information that is transmitted outside our reality. And, trust me, learning about metaphysics is a matter of evolution. You must remember that we are constantly barraged with “noise” during our daily lives. It can come from the media, from our family and friends and, most of all, from one’s inner self-talk.

Self Talk

The self-talk is constant and formulates an image of what we deem to be “reality”. It begins in our infant stage and lasts throughout our lifetime. It’s composed of observations that are reflections of what we have been told to believe. It comprises a “bubble of perception” that surrounds us. Think of a soap bubble. Now imagine that you are in the middle of that bubble. What do you see? Of course, you see a reflection of yourself that “colors” a blurred image of the outside of that bubble.

Turn Self Talk Off

The way to end that distortion of what actually exists is to cease one’s self-talk. We do this through our practice of meditation. Try, for a moment, to stop your internal dialog. If you are not well-versed in meditation technique, I bet that the silence doesn’t last very long. That’s because we need our internal dialog. It forms our “agreement” with others regarding our shared view of a particular reality. Those whose view doesn’t match the general populations’ are deemed insane or perhaps merely “eccentric”. The eccentric people may be artists, writers, etc.

In any case, to evolve your metaphysical abilities and knowledge, you first need to turn off that internal dialog. You can do this by seeking out ways to meditate. Trust me; there are a lot of them. You can choose any one that feels comfortable to you. But the most efficient way to move along your metaphysical path is somewhat different. This is because you can learn to meditate in two ways.

Meditation Can Be Silence

The first way is the most common way. It’s the type of meditation that’s done in the silent privacy of your own home or other personal space. The other is a bit rarer, but more efficient. It involves meditation while moving in an exercise (for example, Tai Chi). Or it can be accessed while engaged in a regular activity (such as watching television).

It can begin by first drawing a dot (with a pen, pencil, etc.) and placing it on the wall in front of you. You will then practice focusing on the dot while endeavouring to turn off your thoughts. You can also do this with a candle flame (be cautious, though).

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Don’t get disappointed if, at first, you have difficulty in turning off your thoughts for more than a few seconds. It takes time and practice. You may also want to add some soft, relaxing music to your background. Music with no vocals is preferable – just instrumentals. After a few days/weeks, you should be able to turn off your thoughts for a much longer period of time. When this is completed, then you can practice another exercise that I will detail in the next lesson. For a preview of that, though, you may wish to refer to a meditation blog.


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