The Metaphysical Role of Coincidences (Metaphysics For Beginners Series)

The Metaphysical Role of CoincidencesWhen embarking on the study of Metaphysics, one must be able to identify ways that society tends to hide certain truths. When I refer to “hiding truths”, you need to understand how this has come to exist. For the average person, it’s important to simplify life as much as possible. Can you imagine what life would be like, if everyone began to understand all of the laws of Metaphysics? For many people, the distractions would be counter-productive to performing daily tasks. For others, fear would be a serious hindrance to their activities.

The reason for this is quite clear. Everyone that has made a serious study of Metaphysics must know one definitive truth. Understanding the laws of Metaphysics and putting these into one’s daily actions is a matter of evolution. Not everyone is ready to understand the underlying nature of our “reality” and the universe. However, there’s a conundrum with this fact. The laws of Metaphysics don’t exist just for those who study them. They exist for everyone. So how can those individuals who are not ready to understand the metaphysical laws go about their daily lives in a comfortable manner?

The answer to that is simple. They mask the truth with simplistic ideas that help them block out the metaphysical “signals” that they are getting. One of these “simplistic ideas” is known as “coincidences”. Now understand – there are some actual coincidences in our lives. But they are few and far between. For example, you may have had meatloaf for dinner and enjoyed it. Then, the next day, you see that your cafeteria is featuring a special on your favorite dish – meatloaf. That’s just a coincidence. However, if you notice that the same number keeps popping up throughout your day – that can mean something.

You see, there are clues that the Universe is trying to contact you by getting your attention with coincidences. For the average person, most of these clues go completely unnoticed. However, I’m going to give you an exercise that will help you to understand what is being pointed out here. First of all, mathematics plays a key role in the nature of our existence. Because of this, numbers represent a point of contact between us and that which lies beyond our everyday perception. There are many people that have come to understand this and are able to utilize this knowledge.

So, here is the exercise. For the next two weeks, I want you notice how many times the same two numbers appear in your day. This means you will make an effort to pay attention to numbers that you see in print all around you. They can be the number of emails sitting in your inbox. They can be the dates that you see on television. The reason for all of this is to alert your subconscious that you wish to create a conduit for metaphysical information. It’s sort of like allowing the universe to “tap you on your shoulder”.

Then, take notice of the number of times that this is beginning to increase. After a while, the “coincidences” will begin to become rather startling. However, don’t be concerned or fearful. This is just the beginning of your road to understanding Metaphysics.


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