Metaphysics For Beginners

We put together a series of articles ‘Metaphysics For Beginners‘ that can help you as you begin your study of metaphysics. There are of course hundreds of books and thousands of websites that you can access. But why not curate a series of pieces that can be used as a starting point.

Meditation for Beginners

Meditation- First Steps

‘Metaphysics For Beginners’, part 1. The first steps along the path to evolution is learning how to ‘listen’ to spiritual ‘clues’ and information that is transmitted outside our reality. And, trust me, learning about metaphysics is a matter of evolution. You must remember that we are constantly barraged with “noise” during our daily lives. It can come from the media, from our family and friends and, most of all, from one’s inner self-talk.

Self Talk

The self-talk is constant and formulates an image of what we deem to be “reality”. It begins in our infant stage and lasts throughout our lifetime. It’s composed of observations that are reflections of what we have been told to believe. It comprises a “bubble of perception” that surrounds us. Think of a soap bubble. Now imagine that you are in the middle of that bubble. What do you see? Of course, you see a reflection of yourself that “colors” a blurred image of the outside of that bubble.

Turn Self Talk Off

The way to end that distortion of what actually exists is to cease one’s self-talk. We do this through our practice of meditation. Try, for a moment, to stop your internal dialog. If you are not well-versed in meditation technique, I bet that the silence doesn’t last very long. That’s because we need our internal dialog. It forms our “agreement” with others regarding our shared view of a particular reality. Those whose view doesn’t match the general populations’ are deemed insane or perhaps merely “eccentric”. The eccentric people may be artists, writers, etc.

In any case, to evolve your metaphysics knowledge, you first need to turn off that internal dialog. You can do this by seeking out ways to meditate. Trust me; there are a lot of them. You can choose any one that feels comfortable to you. But the most efficient way to move along your metaphysical path is somewhat different. This is because you can learn to meditate in two ways.

Meditation Can Be Silence

As a beginner, the first way is the most common way. It’s the type of meditation that’s done in the silent privacy of your own home or other personal space. The other is a bit rarer, but more efficient. It involves meditation while moving in an exercise (for example, Tai Chi). Or it can be accessed while engaged in a regular activity (such as watching television).

It can begin by first drawing a dot (with a pen, pencil, etc.) and placing it on the wall in front of you. You will then practice focusing on the dot while endeavouring to turn off your thoughts. You can also do this with a candle flame (be cautious, though).

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Don’t get disappointed if, at first, you have difficulty in turning off your thoughts for more than a few seconds. It takes time and practice. You may also want to add some soft, relaxing music to your background. Music with no vocals is preferable – just instrumentals. After a few days/weeks, you should be able to turn off your thoughts for a much longer period of time. When this is completed, then you can practice another exercise that I will detail in the next lesson. For a preview of that, though, you may wish to refer to a meditation blog.

Seeing Past The Physical

Manifestation Through Visioning

‘Metaphysics For Beginners’ part 2. The next step in honing one’s metaphysics journey is learning how to see past the “physical”. When I say this, I’m referring to the image of the physical that is commonly shared by the general population. The reason for this is relatively clear. There is far more in our existence than what we normally focus on with our senses. Science has (correctly) told us that innumerable dimensions exist within our own space.

Dimensional Rules for Beginners

Each dimension has its own rules that we may not be unfamiliar with. However, a certain level of understanding can be achieved through study. But, first, you need to be ‘evolved’ sufficiently to want to seek out that study. You can tell that you, personally, have reached that point by the mere fact you’re reading this. What you ‘do’ with this information, though, will be determined by how evolved you actually are. For example, for those who are exceptionally evolved, one sentence would be enough. They would be able to latch on to metaphysical truth and break through the barriers of our perception ‘prisons’!

But, let’s say that’s not you and me. We need more than just one sentence. So, the next step is to take up where we left off in the first (“Meditation”) lesson. Now that you have begun to successfully turn off your internal dialog, you can begin the next step. First of all, our limited perception of the world is created by more than just our thoughts. It’s what we see, as well. In order to begin to understand that our visuals serve to limit us, we can perform another exercise.

First Find Quiet

First, you need to be in your “quiet” meditation space with either your dot or flame. Once you begin to turn off your internal dialog, focus on the object in front of you. As you stare at the object, begin to control your breathing. As your meditation lessons have (hopefully) taught you, you will breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. In addition, you will try not to breathe with your chest going up and down. The correct way to breathe is to breathe using your lower abdomen (near your navel). As you breathe in through your nose, that lower part of your abdomen expands outwards. When you breathe out through your mouth, the opposite happens and your lower abdomen deflates.

Practice your ‘correct’ breathing until you are comfortable with it. Then completely relax your eyes until they go “out of focus”. When this happens, you will see two dots or two flames. You may need to practice for a few mediation sessions, until you can do this easily. Once you can accomplish these techniques, then comes the ‘challenging’ part. You will then focus on the space between the two dots (or flames).

Training the Subconscious

During your ‘quiet’ meditation sessions, you will continue to practice these techniques. The reason for this is relatively simple. You are ‘training’ your subconscious to understand that there are more ways to observe our physical world. Your subconscious is learning that a “truth” might lay in between the spaces that we normally see. In addition, your breathing is now exercising an energy center that has been verified by many different metaphysical disciplines. This verification has been in existence for literally thousands of years.

Metaphysical Role of Coincidences

The Metaphysical Role of Coincidences

Metaphysics For Beginners‘ part 3. When embarking on the study of Metaphysics, one must be able to identify ways that society tends to hide certain truths. When I refer to “hiding truths”, you need to understand how this has come to exist. For the average person, it’s important to simplify life as much as possible. Can you imagine what life would be like, if everyone began to understand all of the laws of Metaphysics? For many people, the distractions would be counter-productive to performing daily tasks. For others, fear would be a serious hindrance to their activities.

Metaphysics as Truth

The reason for this is quite clear. Everyone that has made a serious study of Metaphysics must know one definitive truth. Understanding the laws of Metaphysics and putting these into one’s daily actions is a matter of evolution. Not everyone is ready to understand the underlying nature of our “reality” and the universe. However, there’s a conundrum with this fact. The laws of Metaphysics don’t exist just for those who study them. They exist for everyone. So how can those individuals who are not ready to understand the metaphysical laws go about their daily lives in a comfortable manner?

Metaphysical Signals for Beginners

The answer to that is simple. They mask the truth with simplistic ideas that help them block out the metaphysical “signals” that they are getting. One of these “simplistic ideas” is known as “coincidences”. Now understand – there are some actual coincidences in our lives. But they are few and far between. For example, you may have had meatloaf for dinner and enjoyed it. Then, the next day, you see that your cafeteria is featuring a special on your favorite dish – meatloaf. That’s just a coincidence. However, if you notice that the same number keeps popping up throughout your day – that can mean something.

You see, there are clues that the Universe is trying to contact you by getting your attention with coincidences. For the average person, most of these clues go completely unnoticed. However, I’m going to give you an exercise that will help you to understand what is being pointed out here. First of all, mathematics plays a key role in the nature of our existence. Because of this, numbers represent a point of contact between us and that which lies beyond our everyday perception. There are many people that have come to understand this and are able to utilize this knowledge.


So, here is the exercise. For the next two weeks, I want you notice how many times the same two numbers appear in your day. This means you will make an effort to pay attention to numbers that you see in print all around you. They can be the number of emails sitting in your inbox. They can be the dates that you see on television. The reason for all of this is to alert your subconscious that you wish to create a conduit for metaphysical information. It’s sort of like allowing the universe to “tap you on your shoulder”.

Then, take notice of the number of times that this is beginning to increase. After a while, the “coincidences” will begin to become rather startling. However, don’t be concerned or fearful. This is just the beginning of your road to understanding Metaphysics.

Understanding the Nature of Dreams

Metaphysics For Beginners‘ part 4. What are “dreams”, exactly? There are a lot of so-called metaphysical experts who will give you all types of definitions. However, the nature of our average dreams is pretty simple. It’s how we use our dreams that take them into the realm of Metaphysics. So, let’s start with the simplistic nature of dreams. Understanding the nature of dreams.

Voice of the Subconscious

As you may already know, dreams are manufactured by our subconscious. The subconscious remembers our life’s events and interpretations of those events. All of this is stored in our subconscious in a bio-chemical form. When we dream, we are accessing those memories and placing them within a certain “order” in our brain’s “memory banks”. When reviewing these memories, they are merged together in a way that can make little sense to our conscious minds. This is the reason why dreams can appear to be so bizarre when we remember their contents.

Connecting Us to the Universe

But dreams can also have another use beyond merely reviewing our memories and filing them away. They can also be used for other valuable purposes, since they form a link between our conscious and subconscious minds. Additionally, dreams can also form a link between our perceptions and create communication between us and the Universe, as well. But the most practical way to begin is to learn how to act within our dreams using our conscious minds. Technically, this is known as “lucid dreaming” and its study is quite popular for a number of individuals. You can look this up online and you can find a lot of different ways to achieve this particular dream state. However, I’m going to simplify a way for you to utilize this method of dreaming.

Understanding the Nature of Dreams

First of all, you need to understand that this is not a simple endeavor. If you want to be able to use your dreaming abilities, you need to be diligent when it comes to pursuing this goal. The first step is actually the most difficult for many people. That step has to do with creating the link between the conscious and the subconscious minds. This is begun through “Intent”. So, throughout your day, take a moment and reflect on your desire to remember your dreams. Do this several times a day. Then, you should have a notepad and pen by your bedside. At the top of the page, you should have written; “I will remember my dreams”. Just before retiring to bed, you should look at what you have written and say it out loud.

Keep a Journal

Upon awakening, you should use one of the blank pages in your notebook and immediately write down any details that you can remember from your dreams. This practice is designed to form a habit that becomes ingrained in your mind. As time goes on, you will discover that you can remember your dreams. For those who already find it easy to remember their dreams, a greater amount of detail will now be recalled. Once this particular connection is made from your conscious mind to your subconscious, you can begin to form a relationship. This relationship has the advantage of being useful for both metaphysical and non-metaphysical purposes.

I Will Remember My Dreams

As I have specified earlier, you should have a notepad with; “I will remember my dreams” written at the top. Now, I would like for you to add another line of text underneath that. That text should read; “I will also be consciously awake in my dreams and look for my hands.”

While there are different ways one can create a lucid dream, this is the most simple and direct one. First of all, remember that this can take some time for some individuals. It pretty much boils down to personal metaphysically-related energy, which is a more advanced topic. In any case, this is what will happen…

Lucid Dreams, Awareness Inside The Dream

You will be asleep (after performing your notebook-related ‘ritual’) and suddenly something unusual will occur. You may be performing any action within you dream. While this is happening, it will dawn on you that you are now within a dream! At that point, you will recall that you should look for your hands. So, you will bring your hands (in a fully “conscious” manner) in front of your face. But then, as you look at your hands, they will become ‘blurry”. When this happens, you should look away for a moment and then look back at your hands. They should now be in focus once more.

At this point, you will have the ability to do whatever you wish within your dream. Depending on the situation that you find yourself in, you can act accordingly. One of the two most interesting things that you can do is to speak to a “person” in that dream. Ask that “person” if they knew that you are in a dream. In most cases, they will answer in the affirmative. That’s because you are actually speaking to yourself (or rather, your subconscious).

The other highly interesting thing that you can do is to “fly”. Here, you will notice that the “height” that you can achieve will depend on the amount of your metaphysical energy. But that’s a subject for another time. One of the more humorous things that people tend to do, in this situation, is to excitedly talk to “others”. They will attempt to point out their excitement regarding their newfound ability to fly. That’s because they forget that they’re talking to themselves!

Practice, Practice, Practice

Later, you may discover that there can be a number of sleep sessions in which you won’t be able to lucid dream. However, that’s quite normal. Becoming adept at this is definitely a matter of practice. Ultimately, the goals of this form of dreaming are many. For instance, it can be used to deal with troubling subconscious “issues” that you may have.

It can also be used to communicate with Universal Energy and potential entities that exist outside our normal realm of “reality”. As you become more adept at working with metaphysical concepts, you will find more ways that you can employ this facility.

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