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New Book Releases

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December 2020- New Releases

Unfamiliar Familiars~Megan Lynn Kott and Justine Devine~A tongue in cheek guide to your magical animal partner, this features a quiz to determine your familiar, and a list of animals with their element, strengths, weaknesses, and ways to work with them.~$14.95~1797200771~ANIM

Vibrational Sound Healing~Erica Longdon~An introduction to healing through sound therapy, this is arranged by sound “vitamins”, with info on how to use modalities from Affirmations to Volume, including Laughter!~$14.99~1644111616~COSO

Book of Candle Magic~Madame Pamita~Make your own candles, do divination by candle flames, use stones, herbs, color, and timing to enhance your candle spells, and the spells themselves, for beginner to advanced candle magic users.  ~$18.99~0738764736~CAND

Curative Magic~Rachel Patterson~Body oils, tea cakes, perfume blends, stones, foods, and other natural ways to address your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional discomforts, and spells to help you break the ineffective thought and behaviour patterns that contribute to them.~$21.99~0738763284~WICC

Earth Magic~Marie D Jones~Paper bag spells, making moon water, rituals for the Quarters and Cross Quarters, and oodles of other ways to empower your magic and your life with the energies of the natural world.~$19.95~1578596971~WICC

Kitchen Table Magic~Melissa Cynova~Set intentions effectively, work with spiritual energies safely, use magical tools such as tarot cards and pendulums, and use prayers, spells, and rituals to make positive improvements in your life, under the tutelage of a straightforward, witty guide.~$16.99~0738762709~WICC

Gregory Scott Tarot Deck~Gregory Scott~Modern meets traditional in this colorful deck by YouTube star Scott, who incorporates astrology and numerology into his work.~$24.95~0738767360~DECK

Movie Tarot~Diana McMahon Collis~Based on, exactly as the title says, movie characters, this pips deck features iconic images in the Major Arcana, Aces, and Court cards to let popular cinema guide you through the Hero’s Journey that is the tarot.  The booklet explains who the characters are in the Majors, as well as defining each card individually, and giving the motif for each suit, the Court Cards, and the pips by number.~$17.99~1786277212 ~DECK

Goddess Temple Oracle Cards~Sarah Perini and Elena Albanese~Explore the many facets of the Divine Feminine of Wiccan tradition, including Her relationship to the Masculine.  Watercolor cards feature the elements, the Wheel of the Year, and the transformational powers of the Goddesses.~$19.95~0738767328~ORAD

Signal and Noise~Sean McNamara~A workbook which teaches remote viewing, clairvoyance, and ESP through precisely designed and ordered exercises that help you explore the whole of reality, and your place in it, rather than just the immediate world of the traditional five senses.  Colorado author.~$20.00~~PYDE

November 2020- New Releases

Spirit of the Celtic Gods and Goddesses~Carl McColman and Kathryn Hinds~A brief guide to the Celtic pantheon, this introduces you to the major deities, tells their stories, and offers ideas and suggestions on how you can build your relationship with them.  Includes not just the faces found in Ireland and Scotland, but Welsh and Continental connections as well.~1578637171~$16.95~CELT

Book of Altars and Sacred Spaces~Anjou Kiernan~Full color photos illustrate this collection of altar ideas themed around the Sabbats and Esbats.  Includes spellwork which uses the altar and the items on it as a major part of the working, such as a Samhain Ancestor Shrine or Tabletop Maypole.~1592339441~$19.99~WICC

Green Witch’s Grimoire~Arin Murphy-Hiscock~Craft and organize your magical journal.  Connect to the materials from which you make the book, deities, plants, and your inner and higher self, and make the book beautiful with pressed flowers, use it for reference regarding your studies, and records of your divination.  Grow your practice and yourself with this personal creation.~1507213549~$16.99~WICC

Friends Tarot Cards~Chantel de Sousa~Inspired by the television show of the same name, and modeled on the Rider tarot deck, this deck showcases the characters and their story arcs.  No instruction booklet, but any Rider based book will work.~1925811905~$19.99~DECK

Tarot of the Divine~Yoshi Yoshitani~Brightly colored folk art style images bring deities, folktales, and fairy tales from around the world.  A full color book explains the card meanings, upright and reversed, and which tale the card depicts.~0593135148~$19.99~DECK
Seasons of the Witch Samhain Oracle~
Lorraine Anderson and Juliet Diaz~Based on the Celtic New Year as celebrated by practitioners of the Wiccan religion, this deck is about the dark time of the year, as we prepare for and celebrate rebirth into a new cycle.  Graphic novel style art guides you to embrace the changes, but take care to make good choices as you do.~1925924653~$21.95~ORAD

Elemental Oracle~Stacey Demarco~Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, North, South, East, and West, and attributes of each element, as well as the spirit of Earth as a whole make up the colorful computer generated images in this deck.  The guidebook includes a meaning for each card, a keyword, a word of power, and a full explanation of the main concept of the image.~1925924688~$21.95~ORAD

October 2020- New Releases

Hermetic Herbalism~Jean Maveric~Botanical and medicinal classifications of over 600 plant species, and the theory and practice of turning them into the alchemical elixers known as spagyric essences.~1620559854~$19.99~HERB

Badass Ancestors~Patti Wigington~Tips on genealogy research so you can find your blood kin, and on ancestral archetypes to find your spirit kin, and rituals, meditations, mantras, and exercises to get in touch with them and tap their energies for your own divination or spellwork.  Includes sections on how to deal with the problem relatives who have crossed over, and how to leave a magical legacy to future generations.~0738764981~$16.99~WICC

Curative Magic~Rachel Patterson~~0738763284~$21.99~WICC

Kitchen Witch’s Guide to Recipes for Love & Romance~Dawn Aurora Hunt~Recipes for foods, drinks, and beauty aids to help you learn to love yourself, invite the love of another into your life, and rekindle the spark within an existing romance, along with spells, meditations, and explanations of which foods are good for love magic and why, with full color photos of the tasty treats.~1982150416~24.99~WICC

Llewellyn’s Little Book of Yule~Jason Mankey~Make a Confident Krampus Chain, use chestnuts for divination, and learn the true history of the Winter Solstice holiday in this little hardback book.  ~0738763071~$13.99~WICC

Werewolf Magick~Denny Sargent~Authentic shape-shifting rituals, spells, meditations, and folklore shows you how to awaken your inner wolf and transform into a happier, braver, freer person.~0738764450~$18.99~WICC

Rebel Angels Among Us~Timothy Wyllie~The wisdom of Rebel Angel Georgia on where Earth is in its evolution, how it got here, and where it is going next, including being welcomed back into the Multiverse after getting quarantined because of the Luciferian Rebellion.~1591433665~$22.00~CHAN

Edgar Allan Poe Tarot~Rose Wright~We got your quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore!  Based on the writings of the famed novelist and poet, each card features images and symbols from his works, and the book includes their meanings for each card, along with an explanation of why the author chose the particular scene and how it relates to the card meaning.~0738760331~$31.99~DECK

Erotic Fantasy Tarot~Joseph Viglioglia and Giacomo Gailli~A Rider style deck with sexual, sensual imagery in which magic infuses the intimate relationships and the world of the characters.  Some very explicit cards, most embody the fantasy hero and heroine style of graphic art. ~0738766402~$23.95~DECK

Women of Science Tarot~Massive Science~Published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press, this 78 card deck celebrates the contritubutions women have made to the hard and soft sciences throughout history, along with notable landmarks of our journey from the mud to space.  Featuring Marie Curie, Hedy Lamarr, Robert Oppenheimer, and the robot from Metropolis, Schrodinger’s Cat, and the Moon Landing, along with a book on how to divine probabilities with the cards.~0262539934~$29.95~DECK

Lantern Oracle~Angelina Mirabito~A deck designed to facilitate a womam’s growth through all the phases of her adult life, using the four elements and corresponding phases as guides to the inner work, and outer changes, needed to become fulfilled, happy women with energy to help those around us without depleting ourselves.~0738767395~$25.95~ORAD

Illustrated Crystallary~Maia Toll~Vibrant illustrations let you get to know the personalities of 36 gems and minerals, from the common such as quartz, to th exotic morganite, and use their energy to heal yourself in body, mind, and spirit.  Includes a 36 card deck so you can draw a crystal a day, or just open the book to the right crystal for right now.  Pretty, pretty.~1635862221~$19.95~STON

Book of Azathoth Tarot Book~Captain Nemo~Leather bound full color hotpress paper pages, with gold embossed cover, this is not a guidebook of meanings for the cards, but of the energies and themes the artist embodied in them, along with their astrological information, and place on the Chthulhu Kabbalah.  Limited printing of 1000 First Editions, of which we have 6.~1515798001~$40.00~TARO

September 2020- New Releases

God Is Dead, Long Live the Gods~Gus DiZerega~Christianity and polytheism, and how Christianity is polytheism, and why science, especially quantum physics, makes a strong case for the existence of many forms of spirit in, around, and through reality, which may not be what you thought it was.~0738762725~$18.99~WICC

F*ck Like a Goddess~Alexandra Roxo~Not just about reclaiming your sexual power as a woman, but about owning your goddess self in all aspects of your life.  Reject your nonfunctional societal programming and be the fierce, wise woman you are, in and out of the bedroom.~1683643941~$24.99~WOME

Mindful Mama~Ileana Abrev~Through your pregnancy and the first few weeks after birth, use meditations, rituals, crystals, oils, and many more healing and magical things to help overcome the challenges of becoming a mother, and support your little one’s growth into a strong, positive person.~0738762466~$16.99~WOME

Energy Healing~Cyndi Dale~Working through the trauma of a pandemic, and other traumas and pains, using chakras, spirit guides, color, tone, and other methods to clear your energetic and spiritual bodies and set you  back to right.~0738761044~$24.99~ALHE

Energy Secret~Jane Alexander~Office magic, which yoga is right for you, reconnect with earth energy, and dozens more exercises, meditations, and practices to learn and maintain good energy hygiene for yourself and your environment.~1454940794~$17.95~ALHE

Firefighter Zen~Hersch Wilson~A professional firefighter offers wisdom on staying sane in insane situations, keeping your calm under literal and figurative fire, and meeting each day with your best calm, resilient, and optomistic self, whether the day contains comedy, tragedy, or both, sometimes at the same time.~1608686884~$16.95~SEHE

Buddhist Magic~Sam Van Schaik~A Tibetan Book of Spells, based on traditional teachings and practices that spread with the religion of nonattachment, along with explanations of the doctrinal basis of the rituals that are used to ease everyday life and insure safety, success, and health amoung students and practitioners around the world.~1611808251~$18.95~BUDD

Horse Magick~Lawren Leo with Domenic Leo~Spells, rituals, chants and meditations using horse imagery and deities from around the world, including Epona, Athena, and Baba Yaga, for love, money, and spiritual growth.  No actual horse required.~1578636981~$15.95~ANIM

Angels and Archangels~Damien Echols~Who and what are angels and archangels, why are they important allies in magick, and who is associated with each element, tarot card, and zodiac sign, along with how to properly ask for their assistance.~1683643267~$24.99~MAGK

Lunar Alchemy~Shaheen Miro~Learn magic with the phases of the moon as you work through your own Alchemical Great Work.  With spells for protection, cord cutting, increasing your physical and emotional energy, and many more useful things.~1578636906~$16.95~MAGK

Asatru~Erin Lale~An overview of the Norse tradition, with info on holidays, morals and ethics, rites of passage, history, magic, and the deities.  Not in depth, but good for those curious about the religion.~1578637023~$14.95~RUNE

Hoodoo Cleansing and Protection Magic~Miss Aida~Determine if you, your place, or your things are cursed, either deliberately or accidentally, remove the curse, or figure out ways to work around plain old bad luck.  Includes spells, recipes, and info for caregivers.~1578636973~$16.95~VOUD

Orishas, Goddesses, and Voodoo Queens~Lilith Dorsey~Biographies of goddesses from Africa and the religious diaspora originating there, with rituals and recipes to honor Them, and info on Their male counterparts, to make the energies of these helpers available to anyone, regardless of family background.~1578636957~$16.95~VOUD

Sacred Art of Brujeria~Katrina Rasbold~Exercises, techniques, history, and Brujeria, the healing witchcraft of Mexico and the American Southwest, as a business, adapted from a year long series of classes taught by a practicing Bruja. ~0738762717~$17.99~VOUD

Llewellyn’s Little Book of Moon Spells~Melanie Marquis~Use lunar energies to empower your spells, with more than 60 rituals, potions, and powders to protect, empower, bring financial increase, love, and more, all in a cute little hardback book.~0738762458~$13.99~WICC

Of Blood and Bones~Kate Freuler~Shadow and dark moon workings, using blood and bones in your magic, and ethically sourcing them, cursing, sex magick, dark deities, and helping loved ones cross over when their time comes, this explores the side of Wicca that isn’t just love and light.~0738763632~$18.99~WICC

Utterly Wicked~Dorothy Morrison~Protection, reversing, purification, and, yes, revenge spells in classic folk magic tradition, using poppets, floor washes, baths, powders, and concentrated effort to get bad people and energies out of your life, and keep them out.~1578636965~$16.95~WICC

Walking in Beauty~Phoenix LeFae~Learn to use the Beauty Pentacle and its five points of beauty, devotion, creativity, desire, and expression to find, enhance, and increase the beauty in your world, inner and outer, physical and spiritual, and to bring balance to your life.~0738762555 ~$17.99~WICC

Wicca Book of Spells~Lisa Chamberlain~Love and relationship, wealth and prosperity, health and well-being, and a section of assorted  spells, such as a Cleansing Rain Walk, and an Avocado Spell for Beauty, in a sweetly designed hardback book.~1454940824~$14.95~WICC

Wicca for Beginners~Lisa Chamberlain~History, theory, and practice of the religion of Wicca and the magic of that tradition.  With sample rituals, a table of correspondences, and a list of further reading.  A very basic beginner guide in a nifty hardcover format.~1454940840~$14.95~WICC

Essential Tarot~Pablo Montt~Tarot symbology pared down to the bare minimum.  Pastel cards feature just the main image from each card, along with an appropriate color, in a very modern style, meeting its goal of being “a tool of clarity for clear thoughts”.~0738766399~$24.95~DECK

Murder of Crows Tarot~Corrado Roi~Save the concept deck that’s all Towers, this is the most 2020 tarot yet.  A strange wasteland before you, mist hidden and desolate in places, masked figures selling false hope that you must trust your intuition judge the worthiness, and darkly inked figures of humans and corvids in which Cups are the Realm of Dreams, Pentacles Greed, Wands Growth, and Swords Riddles, this is designed for use in divination or spellwork.~0738766429~$26.95~DECK

Cosmic Dancer Oracle~Sedona Soulfire and Tess Whitehurst~Synchronize yourself more closely with the energies of the universe through the lessons and exercises shared by these cards.  With concepts to help you connect your energies to those of the Cosmos, and images based on dancers and dances from around the world and throughout time, each offers a message, as well as a practice to help internalize the message.~0738767107~$25.95~ORAD

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