It’s not a new title… it’s a New Class

Psychic Development Circle

You may have noticed a change in our class schedule with the addition of a new class called “Psychic Development Circle”. This is new approach to working together as a group for psychic development. Each week we begin by sharing successes we’ve had with the group. It’s time to learn from one another, what works and what doesn’t work. Why be on this path alone? Then after the powerful guided meditation, we work as a group to bring in psychic messages for one another. This is a more active approach to working with and developing psychic awareness.


After our first class, we got the following feedback…

Really enjoyed tonight’s new class. Good shift in energy and great interaction with everyone. Thanks!” – Marilyn

Most excellent new format. Can’t wait for the next one.” – Valerie

This is the high point of my week. The laughter and bonding is priceless.” – Jennifer

Make plans to joins us soon for a “Psychic Development Circle”. You’ll meet friendly like-minded people in your spiritual community and you’ll gain greater access to your gifts with all the practice you’ll experience! Click Here to find the next Psychic Development Circle.

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