Psychic Protection: Ways to Stay Protected

Psychic Protection:  Ways to Stay Protected

Psychic Protection: Ways to Stay Protected.

In the previous article ‘Psychic Protection: What I need to know?‘ it was illustrated that psychic protection is something that should be considered for two types of individuals. The first are those people who engage in spiritual energy practices (mediums and tarot readers). And those who just wish to avoid negative psychic energy affects that can exist in many different forms and locations. But those who are familiar with the complex details of psychic protection will usually suggest certain routine practices. For example, those who are strongly recommended to perform regular psychic protection routines are listed among the following:

  • Those who are naturally empathetic (thus connecting their energy with others and various locations)
  • Those of a highly sensitive nature (who also connect their energy with others and various locations)
  • Anyone who practices Psychic readings.
  • Providers of Tarot readings (for themselves and others)
  • Those who practice other forms of psychic connections (Divination, Oracle, etc.)
  • Those who engage in the practice of “Magick” (Magick Ceremonial Practice and Magical Divination) in order to alter “reality”

Who Needs Psychic Protection

When it comes to psychic protection, some of the abovementioned practices require more involved psychic protection than others. Right now, we’ll assume that you are in the average to above average group of psychic knowledge holders and practitioners. As such, we’ll forgo unsettling images of ceremonial groups who are engaged in following Aleister Crowley’s “Magick in Theory and Practice”. Therefore, this article is designed for us folk, who just want to be on the “safe side”. For others, you may well want to engage in more detailed (and “stronger”) psychic protection methods.

If, during the course of your everyday activities, you suddenly begin to feel drained and unmotivated, then review your circumstances. Has anything changed, recently? Are you in a new location at work or are you encountering new people in your life? Are you visiting new locations? Please be aware that it is not being suggested that you have suddenly run into a “psychic vampire”. Nor have you stumbled upon some sort of “evil vortex” location. The only thing that is important to take notice of is the energy “draining” that you’re experiencing.

Experts in Psychic Protection

In addition, here is something that you should take into consideration, as well. You can run into a number of so-called “experts” when it comes to psychic protection. However, you need to pay attention to one critical point. The “expert” may outline a number of different “psychic protection” methods (such as color combinations and “Archangels”). Then the “expert” will say; “Choose one that “works for you”. If this is the case – beware. This person may be either deluded or an outright cash-grabbing phony.

This is truly a pet peeve of mine and it’s seen in more online sources that you can count. Imagine if someone said to you; “You need to protect yourself from wild animals in this forest. Now, here we have; a small stick, a pebble and a 30-06 caliber hunting rifle. Choose the one that works for you!” If you decide to go that route and happen to choose the “wrong one”, then you may not get to try again.

Fortunately, here, we’re not discussing wild animal protection or catastrophic psychic attacks. But the fact still remains; you will want your psychic protection to actually work. So, on a simple, everyday level of psychic protection, here is something that you can employ. Not only is it good for psychic protection, but a good way to start your day, as well. I won’t get into the metaphysical details on why this works. I’ll leave that for another time.

Daily Psychic Protection Practices

The first thing that you need to know is that in any psychic practice, the key is “intent”. It is intent that turns your attention towards the goal that you wish to achieve. In this case, the goal is to become protected against negative psychic elements. It’s as if one chose to wear a metaphysical “suit of armor”, when dealing with outside forces. As human beings, we are privileged to have access to this extraordinary power. Otherwise, we would have become extinct millennia ago. So, we begin with focused intent.

We focus our intent by setting up a small space in which we can perform our daily meditation, as well. This space should be in a quiet and physically removed location in our home, if possible. In order to assist us with our focus, we can place crystals and/or burn incense when we utilize this space. But remember, the greatest power that crystals and incense could possibly have, lies within our perception of them (inside our own reality). In other words, they act as a conduit for our own personal power and are not powerful in and of themselves. This may be considered, for some, a radical statement. But it’s true.

Intention as a Psychic Protection Tool

Once we are in our metaphysical “space”, we endeavor to turn off our outside thoughts (as we do in meditation). After accomplishing this, we then bring our focus to a point, while saying “I will be protected today from any harmful psychic forces that I may encounter”. Say this several times and then continue to meditate on its meaning. You only need to spend about 10 minutes on this. You should regularly incorporate this into your start of the day (either morning or night, depending on your schedule). As time goes on, you will become more adept at it. By accessing the psychic/spiritual/universal realm with your intent, you will be using the best means of daily psychic protection. As mentioned before, this is designed for everyday, normal use. If, for some reason, you are undergoing a stronger form of psychic attack, then different methods would apply.


Does Everyone Need Psychic Protection?

The answer is ‘yes’ to some extent or another. There those at greater risk however and should focus more on psychic protection.

Do you live a fast paced or hectic lifestyle with a lot going on at home or work or both? This lifestyle leads to limited chances to be quiet and collect your thoughts. Eventually you become physically (and psychically) tired and all kinds of negativity can setup shop inside you.

Do you do energy work for yourself or others? Or do you consider yourself to be an empath? Either or both of these can lead to a situation where your psychic boundaries are reduced or non-existent. Being able to connect with spirit or others on an energy level is truly a gift, however it is a gift that needs to be managed meaning learning to turn it on and also learning how (and when) to turn it off.

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