Psychic Protection: What I Need to Know?

Psychic Protection: What I Need to Know?

Psychic Protection: What I Need to Know?

You may have heard the term “psychic protection”, but you may be unclear as to what it really means. You may also be unsure as to whether or not it’s something that may be important in your own life. So, let’s take a look as to what comprises psychic protection and you’ll have a more solid basis as to how it pertains to you.

What Do We Mean by Psychic Protection?

First of all, we need to define the term “psychic”. To some, it might be something that only exists in the realm of the supernatural. To others, it may be a description of a force that is expressed in their religious beliefs. But the truth of the matter is that the term relates to various forms of energy. And, for those who have made a study of metaphysics, we know that everything is comprised of energy. Energy allows us to perceive the world around us in its physical and non-physical forms. Those who are considered “sensitive” to the “psychic realm” are merely those who perceive more of this physical and spiritual reality than others.

But, therein, lies the caveat. Just as a child might not understand the dangers of walking out into the street, so too are those who deal with psychic forces. When it comes to interjecting the one’s spirit into the psychic realm, unforeseen dangers can also exist. This holds particularly true for those who are; mediums, tarot readers and others who engage in psychic interactions. However, there is also a psychic-protection school of thought that pertains to those who are not engaging in psychic work.

Positive and Negative Forms of Energy

The reason for this has to do with the ambient forces around us. Both positive and negative forms of energy surround us on a daily basis. Just as you might grab an umbrella when it’s raining out, it just makes sense to be protected from negative psychic energy. When one takes steps to engage in psychic protection, something interesting happens. The everyday events of that person’s life can improve drastically. That’s because they are now living in a condition where negative energy forces can no longer affect them as much.

What Is a Common Example of a Negative Energy Force?

One of the most common examples of negative energy that people encounter is known as “psychic vampirism”. Now I don’t want anyone to think we’re veering off into the world of horror films, here. In this case, the word “vampirism” merely refers to the concept of “regularly taking something from someone while offering nothing in return”. I’m sure that we’ve all experienced this in one form or another.

In this particular case, we have an individual who (maybe unknowingly) has developed their personal energy to an advanced degree. These people can utilize their personal energy in order to become leaders. Or they may just sit in the background and benefit from the energy of others. In most cases, these people are not trying to be hurtful. It’s just within their nature to feed off the energy of others. In any event, this doesn’t do you any good, when you begin feeling the effects of their “vampirism”. When you are around such individuals, you can feel drained and discover that you have less motivation than usual. Of course, you may be able to avoid people like this, but this isn’t always the case.

Can Other Things “Drain” Our Personal Energy and Cause Us to be More Ineffectual?

 While having just mentioned one common form of “psychic attack”, problems in this area aren’t always confined to people. It needs to be acknowledged that the universe is made up of many different energy forms. Not all of them are human and some take the form of actual locations. For those among us who tend to be more sensitive to energy vibrations, we feel the energy in different locations. Have you ever noticed how some locations seem to bring on a feeling of melancholy? Have you ever entered a location and felt that you should leave, as soon as you can?

That’s because you are sensing the energy-draining characteristics of the actual location or those entities which tend to exist there. This might be something that many people just shrug off. But, if you’re reading this article, then something is directing you to try a different approach in your life. That approach can include taking some steps that are designed to protect you from various forms of psychic onslaught.

How Can I Protect My Psychic Energy?

We’ll look at that in more detail in Part 2. Read Psychic Protection: Ways to Stay Protected

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