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Client Reviews

The best part of my journey is meeting literally thousands of people who are firmly on their spiritual paths, many of whom have enriched my own journey with their stories of love, hope and healing. Teaching psychic development classes, and reading for clients, has brought me much joy. I am always grateful for the ones who take just a moment to give me feedback on their experience. Here are a few of my favorites.

“Charles was spot on in all my current life situations. His talent and abilities provided guidance when I needed it the most.” -Annette S

“I was very excited to have won the free reading with Charles on my Birthday! He was very accurate on the timing of a transition I was going through. His words were encouraging and hopeful for what was to come. He talks to you like a good friend and we laughed many times. I will definitely see Charles again! He helps put life in perspective.” -Christine C

“Your reading was very loving and insightful. I left feeling happy, hopeful, driven, and excited for the present and things to come. Your sense of humor and loving way is amazing. There are things that came to light that, literally, changed my life. Thank God for you & your lovely gifts.” – Cindy M

“Charles has this ability to connect with the other side in a compassionate, and loving way. All of this is done with humor, compassion and clarity, The experience was extremely helpful and gave me closure and new understanding. I would recommend Charles highly seeking a psychic reading.” -Ken L

“I had attended many meetings of Charles Psychic Development group and loved them. Just a few weeks ago, I finally decided that I needed a full reading from Charles Cox!! Wow – it was great!! The information was insightful (not intrusive) helpful (not directive). He is funny and relatable and definitely connects with the spiritual realm. His office space is warm and inviting and easy to find. If you have been on the fence about a reading – jump off and get into his office as soon as possible.”  -Julie S

“Charles is so extraordinarily gifted. His mental clarity is unhindered by any psychic attackers, he’s fearless. He’s fearless. He stays positive and on track and keeps you there with him. He offers what action to take and what mindset to stay in. His sense of humor and his patience will keep you engaged and uplifted.” -Donna C

“Just wanted you to know what a difference you made in my life! I’ve never had much emotional support from family members.  What you said to me in my reading in June  helped me more than you’ll ever know!  It was the first “real” support I’ve ever gotten!  I can’t thank you enough!” – Nan

Charles does an incredible job of reading, but also guiding you as to how to interpret your new information.  He combines his own experience in similar situations with what he tells you and helps you put it in perspective.  One thing that so many of us need is some coaching on how to handle the information that comes forth.  You rarely find that, and I greatly appreciate that in Charles.” -Tom

“I have had several readings from Charles and found them all to be insightful, accurate, understandable and helpful. I would highly recommend Charles to anyone wanting an in-depth, extremely perceptive and invaluable reading.” -Patsy L

“Charles is truly amazing! During my reading with him he told me things about myself he never could have known. A couple of months after the reading, I listened to the recording he gave me and I was truly in awe of his psychic ability. So many things became even more clear to me and everything he said was right on. I’ve also been to a number of his groups and not only have they all been great, but his sense of humor is absolutely priceless!” -Mary S

I feel more optimistic and positive. He has really good messages to share. He helped me years ago… And it stuck. I even reminded him of things we talked about then. I look forward to future calls”  🙂– David Y

“Charles is a very open person, he picked up on my studying the various aspects of spiritual practices from all over the world even before beginning the reading. Charles is lucky to have this gift and he uses it the right way. He eased my heart. I hope to be able to talk with him again. He is special.” -Lynn K

“I had a one-on-one reading with you several month ago. I am so thankful for the insights & messages you relayed to me from Spirit in such a compassionate, gentle manner and in a way I understood!” -Kristen S

“Now, I have always been intrigued by the metaphysical and the New Age movement, but as a lapsed Catholic I have maintained a healthy degree of skepticism. I entered into the reading with a strong sense of curiosity tempered by a moderate measure of apprehension. Charles immediately put me at ease, throughout the reading there was a strong sense of comfort and calm.  It wasn’t long before I found myself reaching for pen and paper to take notes. The information and insight provided by Charles during the course of the reading was profoundly informative; I still find myself referring to those notes. I have no idea what gift allows Charles to ‘dial in’ to ‘The Source’ but it is a beautiful thing.  I cannot recommend accessing his talents highly enough.  A reading by Charles will undoubtedly lead to a beneficial shift in perspective.” – Dan B

Please remember….

A reading is not a substitute for medical, emotional or mental health therapy.

If you suffer from a medical, emotional or mental health condition, please consult a qualified health care provider. 

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