Where Reality Meets Spirituality

The ‘New Age’ movement is everywhere and has been in one form or another for decades. Recent movies such as The Secret remind us of the classic television shows I Dream Of Jeannie or Bewitched. It is no wonder we have created a rift between reality and spirituality. It is one thing to set intentions, cultivate a meditation practice, or repeat positive affirmations, yet it is another thing to tune inward and begin to take inspired physical action. So, where does reality meet spirituality? The idea of a Jeannie emerging from a lamp and granting three wishes sounds fantastic but is not the case.  Metaphorically, the real ‘Jeannie’ is the soul and the ‘lamp’ is the body. Translate this into the soul being the inner compass and the body the vehicle to move from point a-to-z.

As a soul living in a body, taking responsibility for your life and keeping two feet on the earth plane is where ‘Reality Meets Spirituality. Living spirituality is a daily practice and being spiritual is truly being in the body. Since the body has no language, it provides information through symptomology, gut feelings, and/or inner promptings. When a question arises, the initial reaction is to seek outside yourself as if you are going to find the answer on a shingle hanging from the clouds. You recall that saying “Get your head out of the clouds?”  Annoying as it is, there is truth to be told within it.

The reason why it is habitual to get lost in the ‘clouds’ or the mind, is due to an underlying attempt to avoid feeling the fear correlated with taking action. A requirement of being in the body is to feel the full spectrum of human emotions whether deemed good or bad, and second, to act on the inner awareness of the next best step. This is the only way positive change can occur and desires are fulfilled.

Here are four fundamental steps to embody spirituality and merge with everyday reality:

Lets Get Physical, I Wanna Get Physical, Let Me Hear Your Body Talk

A throwback song yet oh so true! In order to ascend in consciousness one has to descend into the physical. Taking care of the body with physical exercise, nourishing food, hydration, and adequate rest is spiritual. You cannot create anything in life with a body that is running on empty. Take care of your body, cultivate a practice of listening to the language of your body, honor its requests.

Silence The Inner Critic By Becoming The Neutral Observer

You know that voice inside the head that is constantly chatting away with less than kind words? Although it may seem like it has your back by trying to keep you ‘safe’, it is really holding you back. Become the neutral observer to the fleeting thoughts, allow them space to be heard, then wish them well on their way. As you observe the thoughts from the outside looking in, you will be able to discern those from the mind and those from your soul. The voice of the soul offers practical guidance for the emergence of one’s highest potential. 

Establish A Daily Meditation Practice, Spirituality in Practice

I can see the eyes rolling already yet let’s be real, who has 2 hours a day to meditate? Keep it simple stupid and weave into your day. Take 5 minutes to be in total silence with yourself. No chanting, candles or incense needed. All that is required is to show up for yourself. You listen to everyone else all day, can you find 5 minutes to listen to yourself? Meditation is the foundation to awakening intuition and learning to receive guidance from non-physical reality. The world around is rich with information and support to lead you forward on your path. 

Take Action

Last but not least, TAKE ACTION! This is the step where most remain in ‘paralysis of analysis’. We only think about taking action then wonder why things have not changed. As you awaken to know that you are in control of your life, a sense of empowerment is ignited. The only way to overcome fear is by taking action, and the only way through whatever is occurring in your life is, through it.  Intuitive guidance is useless if it is not followed by concrete action. The more action steps taken, the easier it becomes to continue to do so and the lesser of an impact fear will have. Again, this is where reality meets spirituality.

Final Thoughts

Life is an inner quest to reunite with your soul while being in the body, yet at the same time it is meant to be enjoyed. It need not be this or that, spiritual vs physical, but rather living each day with the two interconnected. Give yourself permission to embrace all the finer things and beauty of this life while embodying your soul essence. This is a priceless gift to yourself.


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  1. Susan Bowler September 25, 2018 at 8:18 am - Reply

    For 18 years I was a Personal Fitness Trainer. I used to tell my clients to think of your lifestyle like a chain. Each link representing important aspects of good health. Spirit, Mind and Body. (yes I worked for the YMCA haha) but it is so true. If a link in your chain is missing or broken you will never find the peace and good health you are striving for. Yes, you may be able to lose that extra weight – but it wont be gone permanently until you find that peace of mind. And you wont find that peace of mind until you can become quiet and do the difficult work that it takes to find peace in your soul. I love this article. Thank you for spreading the word Charles!

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